Product ID listing for Queensland products from October 02, 2013

The following tables outline the product catalogue and ID numbers for services in Queensland. This product catalogue will take effect from Wednesday 02 October, 2013.

Further background on Queensland's improving weather services..

Affected Products

State Forecast

  Existing Product ID New Product ID
QLD State Forecast IDQ10700 No Change

Coastal Waters Forecasts

  Existing Product ID New Product ID
Coastal Waters Forecast - South East Gulf of Carpentaria - IDQ11300
Coastal Waters Forecast - North East Gulf of Carpentaria - IDQ11301
Coastal Waters Forecast - Torres Strait - IDQ11302
Coastal Waters Forecast - Peninsula Coast - IDQ11303
Coastal Waters Forecast - Cooktown Coast - IDQ11314
Coastal Waters Forecast - Cairns Coast - IDQ11304
Coastal Waters Forecast - Townsville Coast - IDQ11305
Coastal Waters Forecast - Mackay Coast - IDQ11306
Coastal Waters Forecast - Capricornia Coast - IDQ11308
Coastal Waters Forecast - Fraser Island Coast - IDQ11309
Coastal Waters Forecast - Sunshine Coast Waters - IDQ11310
Coastal Waters Forecast - Gold Coast Waters - IDQ11311
Coastal Waters Forecast - Hervey Bay - IDQ11312
Coastal Waters Forecast - Moreton Bay - IDQ11313

Coastal Waters Bundles

  Existing Product ID New Product ID
Coastal Waters Bundle - All Queensland Coastal Waters - IDQ11290
Coastal Waters Bundle - HF Radio (QLD) - IDQ11315
Coastal Waters Bundle - Gulf Waters - IDQ11291
Coastal Waters Bundle - North Queensland Coastal Waters - IDQ11292
Coastal Waters Bundle - South Queensland Coastal Waters - IDQ11307

Metro Forecasts

  Existing Product ID New Product ID
Brisbane City Forecast IDQ10095 -
Gold Coast City Forecast - IDQ10610
Sunshine Coast City Forecast - IDQ10611

District Forecasts

  Existing Product ID New Product ID
Peninsula District Forecast IDQ10110 -
Gulf Country District Forecast IDQ10120 -
Northern Goldfields and Upper Flinders District Forecast IDQ10130 -
North Tropical Coast and Tablelands District Forecast IDQ10140 -
Herbert and Lower Burdekin District Forecast IDQ10150 -
Central Coast and Whitsundays District Forecast IDQ10160 -
Capricornia District Forecast IDQ10170 -
Central Highlands and Coalfields District Forecast IDQ10180 -
North West District Forecast IDQ10190 -
Central West District Forecast IDQ10200 -
Channel Country District Forecast IDQ10210 -
Maranoa and Warrego District Forecasty IDQ10220 -
Darling Downs and Granite Belt District Forecast IDQ10230 -
Wide Bay and Burnett District Forecast IDQ10240 -
Southeast Coast Forecast Header IDQ10090 -

Town Forecasts

  Existing Product ID New Product ID
Town Forecast - Birdsville - IDQ10900
Town Forecast - Bundaberg - IDQ10901
Town Forecast - Cairns - IDQ10902
Town Forecast - Charleville - IDQ10903
Town Forecast - Charters Towers - IDQ10904
Town Forecast - Emerald - IDQ10906
Town Forecast - Gladstone - IDQ10907
Town Forecast - Goondiwindi - IDQ10908
Town Forecast - Gympie - IDQ10909
Town Forecast - Hervey Bay - IDQ10910
Town Forecast - Ipswich - IDQ10911
Town Forecast - Longreach - IDQ10913
Town Forecast - Mackay - IDQ10914
Town Forecast - Maryborough - IDQ10915
Town Forecast - Mount Isa - IDQ10916
Town Forecast - Rockhampton - IDQ10918
Town Forecast - Roma - IDQ10919
Town Forecast - Toowoomba - IDQ10922
Town Forecast - Townsville - IDQ10923
Town Forecast - Weipa - IDQ10925

Precis Forecasts

  Existing Product ID New Product ID
Precis Forecast XML Package - Qld - IDQ11295


  Existing Product ID New Product ID
TV Crawler - Severe Weather warning Qld - IDQ20084
Marine Wind Warning Summary - QLD - IDQ20085
Warning for Farmers/Graziers - IDQ20000
Frost Warning - QLD - IDQ20086
MARSAR- Marine Search & Rescue IDQ20001 -
Road Weather Alert IDQ20002 -
Fire Weather Warning 1 IDQ20035 -
Fire Weather Warning 2 IDQ20036 -
Ocean Wind Warning from Fiji IDQ20080 -
Ocean Wind Warning from NZ IDQ20081 -
Tropical Cyclone Three Day Outlook for Coral Sea IDQ10810 -
Tropical Cyclone Satellite Analysis Bulletin (QLD) IIDQ20015 -

Ceasing Products

  Existing Product ID
Satellite Photo Notes (QLD) IDQ10008
Queensland state forecast and Warning Summary IDQ1070001
Extended Outlook IDQ1070002
Queensland Weather Summary IDQ10710
Interstate Cities precis forecasts IDQ10770
Forecast for Solomon Islands IDQ18030
Pacific Forecast - Nadi IDQ60013
Temporary Service Forms IDQ25000
District Forecast - Northern Districts - Press (QLD) IDQ10051
District Forecast - Peninsula - Press (QLD) IDQ1005101
District Forecast - Gulf Country - Press (QLD) IDQ1005102
District Forecast - Northern Goldfields & Upper Flinders - Press (QLD) IDQ1005103
District Forecast - North Tropical Coast & Tablelands - Press (QLD) IDQ1005104
Town Forecast - Cairns - Press (QLD) IDQ1005105
District Forecast - Herbert & Lower Burdekin - Press (QLD) IDQ1005106
Town Forecast - Townsville - Press (QLD) IDQ1005107
District Forecast - Central Districts - Press (QLD) IDQ10061
District Forecast - Central Coast & Whitsundays - Press (QLD) IDQ1006101
Town Forecast - Mackay - Press (QLD) IDQ1006102
District Forecast - Capricornia - Press (QLD) IDQ1006103
Town Forecast - Rockhampton - Press (QLD) IDQ1006104
Town Forecast - Gladstone - Press (QLD) IDQ1006105
District Forecast - Central Highlands & Coalfields - Press (QLD) IDQ1006106
North West District PRESS Forecast IDQ1007101
Mt Isa PRESS Forecast IDQ1007102
Central West District PRESS Forecast IDQ1007103
Longreach PRESS Forecast IDQ1007104
Channel Country District PRESS Forecast IDQ1007105
Maranoa and Warrego District PRESS Forecast IDQ1007106
Charleville PRESS Forecast IDQ1007107
Darling Downs & Granite Belt District PRESS Forecast IDQ1008101
Toowoomba PRESS Forecast IDQ1008102
Wide Bay & Burnett District PRESS Forecast IDQ1008103
Bundaberg PRESS Forecast IDQ1008104
Hervey Bay PRESS Forecast IDQ1008105
Maryborough PRESS Forecast IDQ1008106
Gympie PRESS Forecast IDQ1008107
Southeast Coast District PRESS Forecast IDQ1009101
Brisbane Metropolitan Area PRESS Forecast IDQ1009102
Ipswich Area PRESS Forecast IDQ1009103
Gold Coast PRESS Forecast IDQ1009104
Sunshine Coast PRESS Forecast IDQ1009105
Moreton Bay PRESS Forecast IDQ1009106
Press Forecast for Queensland IDQ10701
Press Warnings Summary for Qld IDQ1070101
Press Extended Outlook for Qld IDQ1070102
PRESS Version Queensland Weather Summary IDQ10711
Heading Eastern Gulf Waters Forecast IDQ11260
Peninsula Coastal Waters Forecast - Sharp Point to Cooktown IDQ1126001
North Tropical Waters Forecast - Cooktown to Cardwell IDQ1126002
Tropical Waters Forecast - Cardwell to Bowen IDQ1126003
Central Coast Waters Forecast - Bowen to St. Lawrence IDQ1126004
Heading South Coastal Waters Forecast IDQ11270
Capricornia Waters Forecast - St Lawrence to Burnett Heads IDQ1127001
Hervey Bay Waters Forecast IDQ1127002
Fraser Island Waters Forecast- Sandy Cape to Double Island Point IDQ1127003
Southeast Coast Waters Forecast - Double Island Point to Coolangatta IDQ1127004
Moreton Bay Waters Forecast IDQ1127005
Boating Weather Southeast Queensland Waters IDQ17500
Press Coastal Waters forecasts (whole state plus synoptic situation) IDQ11280
Greater Brisbane Area Forecast IDQ10100
Northern Region Overview (QLD) IDQ1005001
District Forecast - Peninsula District (QLD) IDQ1005002
District Forecast - Gulf Country (QLD) IDQ1005003
District Forecast - Northern Goldfields & Upper Flinders (QLD) IDQ1005004
District Forecast - Northern Tropical Coast & Tablelands (QLD) IDQ1005005
District Forecast - Herbert & Lower Burdekin (QLD) IDQ1005007
Forecasts - Central Queensland (QLD) IDQ10060
Central Region Overview (QLD) IDQ1006001
District Forecast - Central Coast & Whitsundays (QLD) IDQ1006002
District Forecast - Capricornia (QLD) IDQ1006004
District Forecast - Central Highlands & Coalfields (QLD) IDQ1006007
Forecasts - Western Queensland (QLD) IDQ10070
Western Region Overview (QLD) IDQ1007001
District Forecast - Northwest District (QLD) IDQ1007002
Central West District Forecast IDQ1007004
Channel Country District Forecast IDQ1007006
Maranoa & Warrego District Forecast IDQ1007007
Press Western Districts Forecast IDQ10071
Forecasts for Southeast Queensland IDQ10080
Southeast Region Overview IDQ1008001
Darling Downs & Granite Belt District Forecast IDQ1008002
Wide Bay & Burnett District Forecast IDQ1008004
Press Southeast Districts Forecast IDQ10081
Southeast Coast District Forecast IDQ1009001
Moreton Bay local waters forecast IDQ1009006
PRESS Version Southeast Coast District Forecast IDQ10091
Precis Forecast - Central Cities (QLD) IDQ1006008
Western cities precis forecasts IDQ1007009
Southeast cities precis forecasts IDQ1008009
Southeast Coast cities precis forecasts IDQ1009007
Provincial Cities forecast IDQ10600
Precis Forecast for major Queensland cities IDQ10740
Town Forecast - Cairns (QLD) IDQ1005006
Precis Forecast - Northern Cities (QLD) IDQ1005009
Town Forecast - Mackay (QLD) IDQ1006003
District Forecast - Capricornia (QLD) IDQ1006004
Town Forecast - Rockhampton (QLD) IDQ1006005
Town Forecast - Gladstone (QLD) IDQ1006006
Precis Forecast - Central Cities (QLD) IDQ1006008
Town Forecast - Mt Isa (QLD) IDQ1007003
Longreach Forecast IDQ1007005
Charleville Forecast IDQ1007008
Western cities precis forecasts IDQ1007009
Toowoomba Forecast IDQ1008003
Bundaberg Forecast IDQ1008005
Hervey Bay Forecast IDQ1008006
Maryborough Forecast IDQ1008007
Gympie Forecast IDQ1008008
Southeast cities precis forecasts IDQ1008009
Brisbane Metropolitan Area forecast IDQ1009002
Ipswich Forecast IDQ1009003
Gold Coast Forecast IDQ1009004
Sunshine Coast Forecast IDQ1009005
Precis Forecast for major Queensland cities IDQ10740
Coastal Wind Warning 1 - East Coast (QLD) IDQ20010
Coastal Wind Warning - Gulf Coast (QLD) IDQ20011
Coastal Wind Warning 2 - East Coast (QLD) IDQ20012


Additional Information

Rollout Schedule

  • Northern Territory (Late 2014)

Past Improvements