Changing Victorian weather services

From 28 October 2008 the Bureau of Meteorology is responding to community feedback and implementing wide-ranging changes to weather services across VIC. A total of 29 detailed 7 day services will be provided across VIC. In addition, the Bureau will provide 7 day summary services for over 80 locations across the State making sure that weather services are accessible wherever you live. These changes are part of an ongoing National Project to upgrade operational forecasting systems.

Some of the changes Victorians will notice include:

New Forecast Presentation

The 7 day forecast will be available with pictures to help plan your week around the weather. See how it looks for Victoria.

Weekly weather planner

Daily Weather Forecasts

  • 7 day detailed and "in-brief" forecasts will be available for most major towns
  • Wind speeds described in kilometres per hour, rather than 'moderate' or 'fresh'.
  • Terms such as 'mild' and 'warm' replaced with temperature ranges.
  • Maximum and minimum temperatures will be replaced with "daytime maximum temperatures" for the period 6am to 9pm, and "overnight minimum temperatures" for the period 6pm to 9am.

Marine Services

  • Some Coastal forecast zones may be reconfigured or split into two new areas to provide more specific information for those zones.
  • Coastal Waters forecasts will include wind, seas, and swells for each of the next 3 days. Previously sea and swell conditions were only available for today and tomorrow.
  • Capital City waterways with high boating traffic will receive a Local Waters forecast of wind and sea conditions for the next 4 days. A webpage displaying highly detailed map forecasts will also be available for these boating areas.
  • Marine wind warnings will highlight the worst conditions expected in each coastal or local waters area for the following 24 hour period.
  • Forecasts and warnings will use plain language to describe wind directions, rather than abbreviated terms.

Agricultural Services

  • There will be 7 day forecasts for more rural locations.
  • There will be improved information about the timing and duration of adverse weather conditions.
  • More details about wind and rainfall for the next 7 days.

Download Brochures about the changes (pdf)