Product ID listing for Western Australia products from October 31, 2012

The following tables outline the product catalogue and ID numbers for services in Western Australia. This product catalogue will take effect from Wednesday 31st October, 2012.

Further background on Western Australia's improving weather services.

Affected Products

State Forecast

  Existing Product ID New Product ID
WA State Forecast IDW12000 IDW10100

Island Forecasts

  Existing Product ID New Product ID
Cocos Islands Forecast IDW10600 no change
Christmas Island Forecast IDW10600 IDW10700

Coastal Waters Forecasts

  Existing Product ID New Product ID
North Kimberley Coastal Waters - NT Border to Kuri Bay IDD10230 IDW11200
West Kimberley Coastal Waters - Kuri Bay to Wallal IDW62814 IDW11210
East Pilbara Coastal Waters - Wallal to Cape Preston IDW62815 IDW11220
West Pilbara Coastal Waters - Cape Preston to Northwest Cape IDW62816 IDW11230
Ningaloo Coastal Waters - Northwest Cape to Cape Cuvier IDW62817 IDW11240
Gascoyne Coastal Waters - Cape Cuvier to Kalbarri IDW62818 IDW11250
Central West Coastal Waters - Kalbarri to Jurien Bay IDW62819 IDW11260
Lower West Coastal Waters - Jurien Bay to Two Rocks IDW62820 IDW11270
Perth Metropolitan Coastal Waters - Two Rocks to Dawesville IDW62820 IDW11280
Geographe Bunbury Coastal Waters - Dawesville to Cape Naturaliste IDW62821 IDW11290
South West Coastal Waters - Cape Naturaliste to Walpole IDW62822 IDW11300
South Coastal Waters - Walpole to Bremer Bay IDW62822 IDW11310
South East Coastal Waters - Bremer Bay to Israelite Bay IDW62823 IDW11320
Eucla Coastal Waters - Israelite Bay to SA Border IDW62824 IDW11330

Coastal Waters Bundles

  Existing Product ID New Product ID
All Waters IDW11160 no change
North IDW11120 no change
West IDW11130 no change
South IDW11140 no change
Coastal Waters XML Package - IDW11100

Local Waters Forecasts

  Existing Product ID New Product ID
Perth Local Waters IDW11400 no change
Melville Local Waters - IDW11410
Local Waters Forecast XML Package (WA) - IDW11500

District Forecasts

  Existing Product ID New Product ID
District Forecast - Central West IDW62800 IDW13110
District Forecast - Lower West IDW62801 IDW13120
District Forecast - South West IDW62802 IDW13130
District Forecast - South Coastal IDW62803 IDW13140
District Forecast - Southeast Coastal IDW62803 IDW13150
District Forecast - Great Southern IDW62804 IDW13160
District Forecast - Central Wheat Belt IDW62805 IDW13170
District Forecast - Gascoyne IDW62806 IDW13180
District Forecast - Goldfields IDW62807 IDW13190
District Forecast - Eucla IDW62808 IDW13200
District Forecast - Pilbara IDW62809 IDW13210
District Forecast - Kimberley IDW62810 IDW13220
District Forecast - Southern Interior IDW62811 IDW13230
District Forecast - Northern Interior IDW62811 IDW13240
District XML Package - IDW13010

Major Centre/Area Forecasts

  Existing Product ID New Product ID
Metropolitan Forecast - Perth IDW12300 no change
City XML Package - IDW12400

Town Forecasts

  Existing Product ID New Product ID
Town Forecast - Broome - IDW14101
Town Forecast - Port Hedland - IDW14102
Town Forecast - Karratha - IDW14103
Town Forecast - Newman - IDW14104
Town Forecast - Exmouth - IDW14105
Town Forecast - Carnarvon - IDW14106
Town Forecast - Geraldton - IDW14107
Town Forecast - Kalgoorlie - IDW14108
Town Forecast - Bunbury - IDW14109
Town Forecast - Albany - IDW14110
Town Forecast - Esperance - IDW14111
Town Forecast - Kununurra - IDW14112
Town Forecast - Meekatharra - IDW14113
Town Forecast - Mandurah - IDW14114
Town Forecast - Busselton - IDW14115
Town XML Package - IDW14100

Precis Forecasts

  Existing Product ID New Product ID
Precis XML Package - IDW14199


  Existing Product ID New Product ID
Marine Wind Warning Summary - IDW20100
Severe Thunderstorm Warning 1 IDW28201 no change
Severe Thunderstorm Warning 2 IDW28202 no change
Severe Thunderstorm Warning 3 IDW28203 no change
Severe Weather Warning 1 IDW28001 no change
Severe Weather Warning 2 IDW28002 no change
Fire Weather Warning 1 IDW30000 no change
Fire Weather Warning 2 IDW30100 no change
Fire Weather Warning 3 IDW38900 no change
Warning to Sheep Graziers 1 IDW29000 no change
Warning to Sheep Graziers 2 IDW29100 no change
Road Weather Alert IDW28500 no change

Ceasing Products

  Existing Product ID
Notes on the Weather IDW10300
4 Day Forecast Southwest Land Division IDW10310
WA Town Temperatures IDW14500
Perth City temperature and data forecasts IDW16600
Interstate Cities Precis Forecasts IDW17250
Northern Coastal Waters Synopsis IDW1112001
Northern Coastal Waters Forecast - Kuri Bay to Wallal IDW1112002
Northern Coastal Waters Forecast - Wallal to Cape Preston IDW1112003
Northern Coastal Waters Forecast - Cape Preston to Northwest Cape IDW1112004
Western Coastal Waters Synopsis IDW1113001
Western Coastal Waters Forecast - Northwest Cape to Carnarvon IDW1113002
Western Coastal Waters Forecast - Carnarvon to Kalbarri IDW1113003
Western Coastal Waters Forecast - Kalbarri to Jurien Bay IDW1113004
Western Coastal Waters Forecast - Jurien Bay to Mandurah IDW1113005
Western Coastal Waters Forecast - Mandurah to Cape Leeuwin IDW1113006
Southern Coastal Waters Synopsis IDW1114001
Southern Coastal Waters Forecast - Cape Leeuwin to Bremer Bay IDW1114002
Southern Coastal Waters Forecast - Bremer Bay to Israelite Bay IDW1114003
Southern Coastal Waters Forecast - Israelite Bay to Eucla IDW1114004
WA Coastal Waters - Wallal to NW Cape IDW66001
WA Coastal Waters - NW Cape to Jurien Bay IDW66002
WA Coastal Waters - Jurien B to C Leeuwin IDW66003
WA Coastal Waters - C Leeuwin to Eucla IDW66004
Western Coastal Waters Weather Situation for WA IDW66034
State and Metro Forecast Heading IDW12000
State & Metro Forecast - Warnings section IDW120001
State & Metro Forecast - State Forecast section IDW120002
State & Metro Forecast - Metropolitan Forecast section IDW120003
Perth Precis Forecast IDW12100
Late Maximum Perth IDW36000
WA State and Metro Forecast IDW66007
WA State and Metro Forecast IDW66032
District Forecasts (South West Land Division) IDW13000
District Forecast (SW Land Division) - Central West IDW1300001
District Forecast (SW Land Division) - Lower West IDW1300002
District Forecast (SW Land Division) - Southwest IDW1300003
District Forecast (SW Land Division) - Southern Coastal IDW1300004
District Forecast (SW Land Division) - Great Southern IDW1300005
District Forecast (SW Land Division) - Central Wheat Belt IDW1300006
District Forecasts (Mining and Pastoral) IDW13100
District Forecast (Outback) - Gascoyne IDW1310001
District Forecast (Outback) - Goldfields IDW1310002
District Forecast (Outback) - Eucla IDW1310003
District Forecast (Outback) - Pilbara IDW1310004
District Forecast (Outback) - Pilbara IDW1310005
District Forecast (Outback) - Interior IDW1310006
Eucla District Forecast (0100 issue for SA) IDW13800
Town Forecasts IDW14000
Broome Forecast IDW1400001
Port Hedland Forecast IDW1400002
Karratha Forecast IDW1400003
Newman Forecast IDW1400004
Exmouth Forecast IDW1400005
Carnarvon Forecast IDW1400006
Geraldton Forecast IDW1400007
Kalgoorlie Forecast IDW1400008
Bunbury Forecast IDW1400009
Bunbury Forecast IDW1400010
Esperance Forecast IDW1400011
Kununurra Forecast IDW1400012
Meekatharra Forecast IDW1400013
Coastal Wind Warning 2 IDW20200
Coastal Wind Warning 3 IDW20300
Coastal Wind Warning 4 IDW20400


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  • Queensland (Oct 2013)

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