Bureau of Meteorology Online Advertising Policy

Release Notice

  • Version: 0.5
  • Status: Final
  • Date: 09/08/12


The purpose of this document is to define the Bureau of Meteorology's (the Bureau) policy regarding advertising on the Bureau's website.

All decisions regarding commercial revenue are subject to the overriding principle that the integrity of the Bureau's brand and the reputation of the Australian Government are paramount and shall not be compromised.

All advertising networks that place advertising on the Bureau's website are accountable for adhering to this policy at all times.

Advertising acceptance

  1. Advertising networks must comply with all applicable Commonwealth, State and Territory laws and regulations, and industry guidelines including the Australian Association of National Advertisers (AANA) codes1.

  2. Advertising networks are not permitted to promote on the Bureau's website:

    1. tobacco, gambling, lotteries or advertising promoting the consumption or sale of alcohol,

    2. advertising that causes offence or incites hatred of any individual, group or class,

    3. advertising directed at children 17 years or younger,

    4. advertisements glorifying, or delivering for the purposes of entertainment, scenes or descriptions of non-consensual pain, suffering, death, torture or ill-treatment of humans or animals,

    5. advertising relating to bombs, guns, ammunition and other offensive weapons,

    6. advertising containing sexually explicit content and/or sexual innuendo and/or advertising containing offensive language,

    7. advertising that is misleading or deceptive or be likely to mislead or deceive,

    8. advertising that contains a misrepresentation which is likely to cause damage to the business or goodwill of a competitor,

    9. advertising that is defamatory, and

    10. advertising of a political nature.

  3. The appearance of advertising on this Bureau's website does not imply endorsement of the advertised company or product.

  4. The Bureau of Meteorology will not present advertising on pages that have been solely established for the purposes of providing warnings.

  5. The Bureau will permit behavioural advertising from advertising networks who are signatories to the Australian Digital Advertising Alliance (ADAA)2. The Bureau reserves the right to request the source of any third party data used for the purpose of behavioural advertising3.

  6. The Bureau reserves the exclusive right to review, at its sole discretion, the content of any advertisement and to reject, in part or in full, any advertisement which, in the Bureau's opinion, does not comply with this Policy.

  7. Initial acceptance of any advertisement from an advertising network by the Bureau does not imply that subsequent advertisements from the advertising network, even with the same or similar content, cannot be rejected without notice.

Authority and accountability

This Policy is subject to review by the Bureau of Meteorology Advertising Steering Committee (BOMASC) to ensure it remains relevant and effective.

Advertising formats

The following advertisement formats are prohibited:

  • pop-ups, over the page (OTP), user initiated ad formats and floating advertisements,

  • advertisements that expand across or down a webpage,

  • in-page videos,

  • advertisements that take over the user's mouse, or otherwise affect website functionality, on roll-over, and

  • advertisements that send visitors to another site without the visitor having clicked the advertisement.

All advertisements on the Bureau's website will be located on the right side of the page, above the fold, with the ad space not exceeding 300 x 250 pixels and having a file size that meets the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) Rich Banner guidelines4. Any advertisement may be a rotating block to accommodate multiple displays.

Subject to this policy, the Bureau will use its reasonable endeavours to publish advertisements in the format and in the position agreed with the advertising network. However, the Bureau reserves the right to vary the placement of advertisements at its discretion.

Response to advertisements that receive negative feedback

In the event that the Bureau receives negative feedback in relation to a particular advertisement, it will:

  1. evaluate the validity of issues raised

  2. remove the advertisement from the Bureau's website if it is determined necessary

  3. contact the advertising network to inform them that an advertisement has been removed.

Questions regarding this policy should be directed to the Bureau's Channel Management team channel_management@bom.gov.au.