Frequently Asked Questions

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How does the Bureau weather app differ to other weather apps?
As Australia's official source of weather information, you can be sure the information you receive from the Bureau of Meteorology is reliable and current—whether you're using our website, mobile weather website or our weather app.

All information is refreshed when you wake or open the app. On our websites, refreshing doesn't happen automatically—to see the latest weather information you need to refresh the pages you are viewing.
What are the app's features?
The app contains the weather information most people want to access quickly and easily, so they can plan their day.

At a glance, you can view the current conditions, forecasts, the rain radar and warnings for your favourite location—or any location across Australia.
What's new in this release?
The updated version of BOM Weather, released in December 2017, includes:
  • a quicker loading speed and improved user experience;
  • addition of the UV forecast for the day ahead;
  • hazardous surf statements now appear for coastal locations in NSW and southern QLD;
  • addition of the recently installed radars in WA;
  • changes to how your closest radar is selected;
  • addition of pinch and zoom functionality to the radar image.
How does weather information differ between the Bureau's app and the mobile website or website?
As Australia's official source of weather information, you know the information you receive from the Bureau of Meteorology is reliable and current–whether you're using our website, mobile weather website or our weather app.

All information is refreshed when you wake or open the app. On our websites, refreshing doesn't happen automatically–to see the latest weather information you need to refresh the pages you are viewing.
Why doesn't BOM Weather contain all the features and information available on the full website?
The app currently offers the weather information optimised for smartphone users. This includes current local weather information, forecasts, warnings and our popular rain radar – helping smartphone users make quick and informed decisions.
How can I view the UV forecast?
This is available by clicking on today's weather icon. UV and other forecast information is in the pop-up box. The app provides the UV forecast for the day ahead (or if checked at night, for the next day).
What operating systems are supported?
BOM Weather app is compatible with most smartphones using:
  • iOS 9 and above for iPhone; and
  • Android 4.2 and above

For Windows phone users, we currently recommend using our mobile site.
Is the app compatible with tablets?
No, the app is only compatible with smartphones.
How do I download the Bureau's weather app?
You can download the BOM Weather app from the Apple App Store or Google Play.
What does the app cost?
The Bureau's weather app is free.
Can I provide feedback on the weather app?
Yes. We are currently reviewing and refining our weather app to keep it up to date and relevant to you. A feedback link is provided in the main menu and we encourage you to tell us what you think about the app.
Where are the marine forecasts?
The weather app does not currently provide marine forecasts or observations. You can access this information from the Bureau's main marine web site
Where is the climate information?
The weather app does not currently provide climate information. You can access this information from the Bureau's main climate page
What other mobile services are available?
We also have a mobile-friendly weather website that is a condensed and reformatted version of the full website. Add to your device's home screen or bookmark the site so you can simply tap on the icon for instant access to Australia's most accurate weather information.
How do I save my favourite locations?
Tap the star next to the location name on the main weather screen – the star will turn white. You can access all of your favourites from the side menu. To get to the side menu, tap the three horizontal lines at the top left of the main screen.
What does 'Chance of any rain' and 'Possible rainfall' mean?
'Chance of any rain' (%) describes the likelihood of receiving a measurable amount of rain (at least 0.2mm) at that location.

'Possible rainfall' (mm) describes the expected rainfall range. This element does not appear when the expected rainfall range is 0 mm and the 'Chance of any rain' is less than 25%.

Why does the app show 'rain since 9 am'?
The Bureau provides rainfall totals for a 24-hour period 9 am to 9 am the next day. The rainfall total is reset to zero at 9 am each day.
How do I view warnings?
Tap the yellow triangle icon at the top right hand side of the main weather screen. You can also find a link to the warnings in the side menu. Summaries are provided for each State and updated regularly, and you can see what time the warning was issued. Warnings in the BOM Weather app, and on the mobile and full websites are the same and are issued and updated simultaneously.
What weather information can I get if I don't allow location services?
You can get your local forecast even if you don't allow location services. Simply search for your location and set it as a favourite, by tapping the star. You can quickly access all your favourite locations, as well as capital cities, from the side menu.
Why can't the BOM Weather app find my location?
Check that you have enabled your phone's location service (it's usually found in your phone's settings), and if the issue persists please let us know via the feedback screen in the side menu.

In some cases when you use the 'current location' button, the app may not recognise the name of your location and will instead show your latitude and longitude. You can still use this weather information—it is the correct information for your location. We are working to rectify this by upgrading our location systems. Alternatively, you can search for your location name or postcode and the name will be displayed.
Why is the location shown different to my actual location?
If you select 'current location' the BOM Weather app will provide forecasts for the 6 km grid square you are currently in. Your 6 km grid square may cover both smaller and larger suburbs, and the app may default to the nearby larger suburb. If this happens, to see weather readings for your actual location, go to the side menu and enter your postcode or suburb name in the search.
Why do some locations show more information than others?
The information displayed for your location is taken from the most appropriate weather station. Not all weather stations collect the same data, and the app will only show the information available from that station. For example, some weather stations do not collect humidity data, so locations using data from those stations data will not show humidity or chance of rain.

Another piece of information that can vary according to location is the short description of the weather, displayed under the weather graphic (the picture that sums up the day's forecast, such as a cloud, sun, rain etc.). The Bureau provides forecasts, including expected temperatures, rainfall and weather graphics for all locations, whereas this short description is available for 650 locations nationally. This is due to limitations of the underlying dataset.
How do I view a more detailed forecast for a particular day?
For today's detailed forecast, tap on the current temperature or the weather icon on the main screen. For the rest of the week, find the day you are interested in by sliding the white daily cards across, and then tap on the card to see the detailed forecast.
How do I view the radar?
Tap 'Radar' at the top of the main screen, and you will automatically scroll down to the radar. You can also scroll down the screen yourself. You can zoom in and out of the radar view, and pause at a specific time. You can also view rain radars in other places by choosing a new location from the side menu.
Why is my town only receiving a full text forecast for four days?
The Bureau produces seven-day full text forecasts for major towns and cities. Other towns use four days of full text forecasts, and then daily summary forecasts (maximum and minimum temperature, chance of rain and a weather graphic) for the rest of the week.
Will the app still work if the Bureau website is down?
BOM Weather uses real time information to provide you with the latest forecasts, observations and warnings. During system outages or if you do not have an active internet connection, some information may not be available.
If you're having trouble running the app:
Restart the app or device. This is often the quickest way to fix a problem.

Check your device has the latest software.