Frequently Asked Questions

If your question is not answered here, please check the more detailed app FAQs webpage, or submit your question into the app's feedback form available from the menu.

How do I save my favourite locations?

Tap the star next to the location name on the main weather screen—the star will turn white. You can access all of your favourites from the side menu. To get to the side menu, tap the three horizontal lines at the top left of the main screen.

To un-favourite a location, tap the star again—the white fill will disappear.

What do the weather icons mean?

You can access an explanation of the weather icons used in the Bureau's forecasts on this webpage.

Where do I view sunrise and sunset times?

This is available by clicking on today's weather icon, or any of the daily forecast icons, displaying a pop-up with more information. Sunrise and sunset times are available for every location, for all seven days.

How can I view the UV forecast?

This is available by clicking on today's weather icon. Maximum UV and sun protection times are displayed in the pop-up box. The app provides the UV forecast for the current day (or if checked at night, for the next day).

Why is the location shown different to my actual location?

If you select 'current location' the BOM Weather app will provide forecasts for the 6 km grid square you are currently in. Your 6 km grid square may cover both smaller and larger suburbs, and the app may default to the nearby larger suburb. If the 'current location' is not the location you want, search for your location of interest by entering the area name or postcode in the side menu.

Why do some locations show more information than others?

For an explanation of why certain information is available at some locations but not others, please refer to the detailed FAQs on the Bureau website.

What does 'Chance of any rain' and 'Possible rainfall' mean?

For an explanation of the rainfall forecast, please refer to the detailed FAQs on the Bureau website or check out this blog article.

Are the observations for my location correct?

For an explanation of how the app sources weather observations for your location, please refer to the detailed FAQs on the Bureau website.

Is the weather information in the app different to the Bureau's website?

The Bureau's app, mobile website, and full website use the same weather information. All information is refreshed when you wake or open the app. On our websites, refreshing doesn't happen automatically-–to check you are viewing the latest weather information refresh the webpage.

You may notice differences if you are comparing a forecast for your specific location (e.g. a suburban location) with your capital city forecast. Please refer to the FAQ 'Why do some locations show more information than others?'

Is the app compatible with iPads and tablets?

Some tablets may display the app, however, it is designed to be compatible with smartphones and therefore may not be optimized for tablets and other devices.

Can I provide feedback on the weather app?

Yes. We encourage users to provide feedback that will inform future services. A feedback link is provided in the main menu and we encourage you to tell us what features you need the most, and what you think about the app.