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BOM Water Storage

The Bureau of Meteorology's Water Storage app lets you compare water levels and volumes for more than 300 publicly-owned lakes, reservoirs and weirs around Australia. It provides daily updates on how much water is available in most urban and rural regions around the country.

BOM Water Storage gives you:

Water availability

View the current status of water available in Australia's storages, shown by a percentage full and the latest volume. This is presented for Australia, each State and Territory, drainage divisions, cities, urban and rural systems and individual storages.


Provides more information on how water availability has changed in the last year, month, week or day


Find individual storages, cities, systems, State and Territories or Drainage Divisions.

Changes in water availability

Changes in water availability in the last year, month, week and day are shown on the app by a Red (decrease) or Green (increase) arrow. Change in water availability for the past three years is also graphed for each region.


Save your favourite locations in the menu bar. Quickly navigate to recently visited regions or individual storages.