Glossary of Terms

1st Swell Compt + Dir
Height and direction of the swell with the highest energy component
2nd Swell Compt + Dir
Height and direction of the swell with the second highest energy component
2 m screen
The height above the ground of a meteorological observation screen
Deep-layer mean wind
Average wind over a deep layer of the atmosphere giving a representative steering wind
Geopotential height
Geopotential height approximates the actual height of a pressure surface above mean sea-level
Indian Ocean
Lambert Conformal
Map projection
Latitude/Longitude map projection
Lifted Index
Measure of atmospheric instability
Mean Sea Level
Time-series display of a weather parameter such as temperature or humidity at a single point
Peak Period
Period between the swells of the 1st swell component
Relative Humidity
Southern Hemisphere
Sig Wave
Total wave height using a combination of wind waves and swell waves
Surface Wind
Wind prediction used to drive wave generation
Thickness: a measure of the average temperature of a large layer of the atmosphere, usually the bottom half.
Total Ozone
Ozone concentration in the atmosphere above a point
Total totals
Measure of atmospheric instability
Predicted track of the centre of a tropical cyclone
Ultraviolet radiation index
Measure of the amount of rotation or spin in the atmosphere at a specified level
Wind Wave
Height of waves generated by local wind systems that haven't developed into swell
UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) = Australian EST - 10 hours