FLARE – Flash Flood Advisory Resource

The national Flash Flood Advisory Resource (FLARE) is an authoritative resource created to assist agencies with flash flood warning responsibilities, such as councils and emergency services, to design, implement and manage fit-for-purpose flash flood warning systems.

FLARE is not an operational service; rather it provides access to a wealth of information that supports local organisations to develop flash flood warning systems.

Co-ordinated by the Bureau of Meteorology, FLARE includes a website and advisory service for registered users.

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FLARE Website
As it matures, the FLARE website will support a community of best practice, providing an invaluable repository of information including: step-by-step guidance, standards and guidelines, case studies, resources and discussion forums.

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FLARE Advisory Service
The FLARE advisory service, available during business hours (Australian Eastern Standard Time), provides phone and email access to Bureau staff with knowledge of resources available, and the standards and guidelines necessary for developing local flash flood warning systems. The advisory service is not an operational service and cannot provide guidance or access to operational data and information during a flash flood event.

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Who can use FLARE?
FLARE is available to employees of agencies with responsibility for developing and operating flash flood warning systems. Recognised as contributing to the Total Flood Warning System concept, these agencies include:

  • Local government
  • State government agencies
  • Emergency services

The resource will be available through registered user access only.

FLARE is expected to be of greatest benefit in areas of high flash flood risk, where agencies currently have limited experience of, or resources for, setting up and operating flash flood warning systems.

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How do I get access to FLARE?
FLARE is free-of-charge for registered users. Please register your interest by filling out the form below.

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FLARE funding and development
Funding for FLARE was provided by the Attorney General's National Emergency Management Projects program and Disaster Resilient Australia Package. In its early stages of development, FLARE was known as the National Flash Flood Information Repository (NFFIR).

The creation of FLARE was recommended by the Standardisation of Bureau of Meteorology Hazards Services Taskforce.

Members of the Taskforce, which reported to the Australia-New Zealand Emergency Management Committee (ANZEMC), included senior operations officers from all state and territory emergency service agencies, the Australian Local Government Association and the Australasian Fire and Emergency Services Authorities Council.

Image: Shepherd's Warning, Rozelle Sunrise © Harley Kingston