Heatwave Service for Australia

Heatwave Assessments

Heatwave Situation for Sunday, Monday, & Tuesday (3 days starting 29/11/2015)

Severe to extreme heatwave conditions present over northern WA, mostly in the Kiberley. Low-intensity heatwave still occuring across northern Australia and southeast Queensland/northeast NSW. Small area in the eastern portion of the Top End still under severe heatwave conditions.

Heatwave Situation for Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday (3 days starting 30/11/2015)

Heatwave conditions easing across northern Australia. Low to severe heatwave still present over northern WA. Low-intensity heatwave to continue over the eastern Top End, far north and eastern Queensland and northeast NSW.

Forecast issued at 12:22 pm EDT on Tuesday 1 December 2015.

Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology
Head Office (Bureau National Operations Centre)

Please be aware

The Heatwave Forecast is a Bureau of Meteorology product that shows the location of heatwaves, severe heatwaves and extreme heatwaves for the last two three-day periods and the next five three-day periods. It uses some analysis Numerical Weather Prediction model data, not the Official Forecast data.

Please refer to official Bureau of Meteorology products for information on how hot each day and night will be during the three day period.

This product utilises model forecast data and is supplied for evaluation purposes and service interruptions are possible.

Heatwave Forecasts

Heatwave Situation for Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday (3 days starting 1/12/2015)

Further easing and contraction of expected heatwave areas. Only low-intensity heatwave conditions forecast for the southwest Kimberley and northeast Queensland.

Heatwave Situation for Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday (3 days starting 2/12/2015)

Northern WA no longer under a heatwave, however southeast WA/southwest South Australia will begin experiencing a low-intensity heatwave. North-central Queensland will still be under a low-intensity heatwave.

Heatwave Situation for Thursday, Friday, & Saturday (3 days starting 3/12/2015)

Heat continuing to build over southeast WA/western South Australia. Low to severe heatwave forecast about the border region between WA and South Australia. Low intensity heatwave forecast to continue over northwest Queensland.

Heatwave Situation for Friday, Saturday, & Sunday (3 days starting 4/12/2015)

Severe heatwave contracting out of southeast WA, however spreading to coastal and adjacent inland parts of South Australia and far west Victoria. Low intensity heatwave conditions expanding to eastern parts of the country from far north and western Queensland through western NSW down to Victoria, South Australia and southeast WA.

Heatwave Situation for Saturday, Sunday, & Monday (3 days starting 5/12/2015)

Severe heatwave to move further east into southwest NSW, western Victoria and southeast South Australia. Low-intensity heatwave to continue over west Queensland, western NSW, Victoria and eastern South Australia. Small areas in Queensland over the southwest and far north will also be experiencing a severe heatwave pattern.

Forecast issued at 12:22 pm EDT on Tuesday 1 December 2015.

Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology
Head Office (Bureau National Operations Centre)