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Learn about heatwaves – what they are, how they are classified and our heatwave services.

Photo of dark city skyline against an orange sky representing heatwave conditions.
It takes more than one hot day to make a heatwave

Heatwaves in Australia

Severe and extreme heatwaves have claimed more lives than any other natural hazard in Australia.

Heatwaves can be dangerous because they pose health risks to the most vulnerable. While older people and very young children are often the most vulnerable, extreme heatwaves can affect anyone's health.

Heatwaves can also affect the transport, agriculture and energy sectors and associated infrastructure. This includes interruptions to cooling and refrigeration.


What is a heatwave?

Find the definition of a heatwave and how we classify heatwaves by intensity.

Learn what defines a heatwave

Heatwave services

Learn about our heatwave maps, warnings, forecasts and assessments.

Learn about our heatwave services