New Doppler Radar In Queensland

Queensland is now home to the newest Doppler weather radar in Australia. The new radar is located at Mt Stapylton on Brisbane's southern outskirts and will be the second of six of the Bureau's new high resolution Doppler radars to come online around July 2006.

Brisbane is one of of Australia's busiest storm capitals and the South East Queensland corridor records between 10 - 20 severe storms each season. The new Doppler - with double the resolution of the existing radar in the region - will mean improved rainfall measurement, rainfall forecasts and will improve warnings in the event of severe storms for the communities of South East Queensland.

Mt Stapylton Range

The new radar's approximate coverage, using the 256km Mt Stapylton map.

The radar located at Mt Stapylton, fully installed and currently undergoing testing.

Mt Stapylton

A reflectivity image from Mt Stapylton. Most conventional radars create reflectivity images.

Mt Stapylton Velocity

A velocity image from Mt Stapylton. Only the new Doppler radars create velocity images.