Radar News

Radar Viewer

The enhanced radar viewer has been developed as part of the Radar Network and Doppler Services Upgrade Project (RNDSUP) and is now available for all radars in the Bureau's network. The enhanced radar viewer allows you to customise the radar map so that you can display features that will help you in locating rainfall in relation to your city or town, or in relation to other locations or areas that you are interested in.

Radar Services

An exciting product suite that will be released as part of the RNDSUP is radar-derived rainfall data products. The rainfall accumulation products will allow users to view the amount of rain that has occurred over a given time period, i.e. 10 minutes, 1 hour, 24 hours, since 9am. This product suite will initially be available for the Adelaide and Brisbane Doppler radars.

The new Bureau Doppler radars supply high quality data that not only allow forecasters to diagnose rainfall, but also wind flows in the atmosphere. Forecasters apply the new Doppler wind data to the forecasting of wind changes and wind flows, and to ascertain the potential severity of a thunderstorm. The Doppler wind images are also now available for the Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne and Yarrawonga Doppler radars.

Radar Project

The Strategic Radar Enhancement Project (SREP) includes the installation of four new radars, the installation of a verification network for each new radar, and to improve the underlying science for extreme weather forecasting.

Radar Help Pages

The radar help pages have been redesigned, with more information about how to use the Bureau's radar services and products.