Radar Viewer Tools

About the Radar Viewer

The radar viewer is available for all radars in the Bureau's network. The radar viewer allows you to customise the radar map so that you can display features that will help you in locating rainfall in relation to your city or town, or in relation to other locations that you are interested in.

A menu of related links is located above the radar map, as shown in the example below, to provide easy access to:

  • Animated radar image loops
  • Single radar images
  • 128 km, 256 km and 512 km views for all radars
  • National radar mosaic (with satellite image overlay)
  • 64 km views for some radars
  • Accumulated rainfall for some radars
  • Doppler wind images for some radars
  • Information about the radar site
  • Links to other radar locations
  • Help notes and background information about the radar images
  • Link to State/Territory Warning Summary

More Aboout the Radar Viewer

new radar viewer features