Radar Network and Doppler Services Upgrade Project

Project Overview


The objective of the Radar Network and Doppler Services Upgrade Project is to provide advanced weather forecast and warning services for the Australian Community through new software applications, staff training, the installation of six modern Doppler radar systems in locations impacted by severe weather, and replacement of the Bureau's aging radars.


In 2003 the Commonwealth Government allocated over $62 million to allow the Bureau to modernise its radar network and supplement its Severe Weather Warning capabilities in key locations around the country. As part of the five-year project, 15 obsolete radars in the network are being replaced, and an enhanced Doppler radar capability is being implemented in 6 locations. These Doppler radars allow for the replacement of a further 5 radars in the network.

The new Doppler radars have a capability beyond existing Doppler radars within the Bureau's network. The improvements allow for an enhanced service delivery in terms of content, effectiveness and geographic coverage.

Time Line

Over the five years of the project, several of the Bureau's current radars will be replaced and in some cases, new Doppler radars will be purchased. The time line of commissioned radars has been included below along with a list of areas being considered for a radar upgrade/replacement/relocation as part of the RNDSUP.

Installation Name Commissioning Date Radar type
Williamtown June 2003 Replacement/Relocation
Learmonth September 2003 Replacement
Mt Gambier March 2004 Replacement
Gladstone December 2004 Replacement
Port Hedland March 2005 Replacement
Adelaide (Buckland Park) October 2005 New High Resolution Doppler
Tennant Creek October 2005 Replacement
Mackay April 2006 Replacement
Brisbane (Mt Stapylton) August 2006 New High Resolution Doppler
Charleville/Warrego October 2006 Replacement/Relocation
Yarrawonga (upgrade) August 2007 New High Resolution Doppler
Gympie (Mt Kanigan) September 2007 Replacement
Melbourne (Laverton) October 2007 New High Resolution Doppler
Bairnsdale May 2008 Replacement
Broome October 2008 Replacement
Darwin Airport December 2008 Replacement
Carnarvon June 2009 Replacement
Sydney (Terrey Hills) September 2009 New High Resolution Doppler
Perth (Serpentine) June 2010 Replacement
Namoi (Black Jack Mountain) August 2010 New High Resolution Doppler
Townsville (Mt Stuart) 2011 Replacement