Radar Viewer - Weather Oberservations Layer

The radar viewer allows for viewing of loops of 128 km radius, 256 km radius and 512 km radius radar images, as well as 64 km views for Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne and Yarrawonga radars. The visibility of map details, including current weather observations, can be optionally selected during the radar loops.

select weather observations layer

Once the observations layer has been selected, the radar viewer expands to include a section displaying the current weather observations, and also the current observations (temperature, wind speed and direction, and rainfall since 9 am) for selected cities and towns appear on the radar map. See the below image as an example.

example of weather observations layer

The observations will appear in the observations table when you move your mouse over the locations displayed on the map.

As shown in the example above, the current temperature is displayed on the map and in the observations table using red numerals. The wind speed is displayed in blue numerals, and the wind direction is indicated on the map with a blue arrow. The rainfall since 9 am is displayed on the map and in the observations table using green numerals. When you hover your mouse over the observations for a location, a white box appears around the observations, and the name of the location appears. Double-clicking in this box will open a table listing the last 72 hours of observations for the location, as per the following example:

current observations table