Wheatbelt Radars Project

The Wheatbelt Radars Project has delivered three new digital Doppler radars into the Wheatbelt region of Western Australia. The radars are located at Newdegate, South Doodlakine and Watheroo. They are owned and fully funded by the Government of Western Australian and maintained and operated by the Bureau of Meteorology.

Video of BOM Wheatbelt Radars Project

Photos of Radars

Newdegate radar location

Newdegate radar

South Doodlakine radar

Watheroo radar

South Doodlakine radar

South Doodlakine radar


In 2014, the Department of Agriculture and Food Western Australia (DAFWA) commissioned a report into "Technology in Agriculture". The business case in the report provided rationale for the installation of the additional weather radars in Western Australia.

In June 2015 an Agreement was made between the State Government of Western Australia represented by DAFWA and the Bureau of Meteorology to install three new digital Doppler radars in the Western Australia Wheatbelt region.


Funding for the project is provided by the Department of Regional Development Royalties for Regions Programme. For more information on the Royalties for Regions Programme see What is Royalties for Regions? Department of Regional Development; Government of Western Australia


Combining data from the three new radars with DAFWA and Bureau automatic weather stations and the Bureau's existing weather radar network will provide increased capability to the Bureau's forecasting and warning services for the Wheatbelt region. The information will in particular assist agricultural and related sectors in making improved business decisions.

For further information on the Wheatbelt Radars Project refer to: Doppler radar investment; Department of Agriculture and Food; Government of Western Australia .