Improving Australia's radar and observation network

Australians rely on our information. It helps them make critical decisions that affect safety and economic wellbeing.

Our radar and observation network collects data vital to this service.

We're delivering the most significant upgrades to the network in a generation. These upgrades will give Australia a more secure, reliable and resilient weather service.

By June 2024, this project will provide: 

  • 8 new radars
  • 46 new radar upgrades
  • almost 700 automatic weather stations upgrades
  • 25 balloon launching site upgrades
  • 14 space weather ionosonde upgrades
  • over 200 flood warning network site upgrades
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Our network

We oversee a massive radar and observation network of over 11,000 pieces of equipment across land, sea, sky and space. It includes radars, automatic weather stations, upper atmosphere monitoring devices and ocean wave buoys. They all feed data into a supercomputer. The data is a vital input for the world-leading computer modelling that informs our forecasting. Our resilient systems allow us to produce reliable warnings and forecasts for all of Australia and its surrounds. We provide these even in areas without local observations.

New radars

New radars

Find out more about new radars

Radar upgrades

Radar upgrades

Find out more about radar upgrades