Upgrading radars for a more resilient network

We're delivering significant improvements to our observation network by upgrading many of our radars.

As part of each upgrade, we install an enhanced digital receiver and control system. 

This provides the community and local industries with: 

  • tracking of the location and strength of wind changes using Doppler technology 
  • better rain image quality
  • improved severe storm prediction, detecting weather systems such as tornadoes and intense rain during storms 
  • enhanced information for emergency services, allowing better estimation of fire-plume height and detection of fire-generated thunderstorms 
  • increased radar accuracy and reliability. 

Access to weather information during radar upgrades 

There are other ways to view the weather, besides radar.

Access weather information, including the latest forecasts and warnings, on our website or the BOM Weather app


Use our Rain radar and weather maps to view forecasts from 3 hours to 7 days for:

  • temperature
  • wind
  • rain
  • humidity
  • storms
  • sea swell.

The forecasts cover land and coast in 6km square grids.

Satellite images

Use our satellite viewer to see rain, thunderstorms and lightning. 

View high-resolution satellite images at 10-minute intervals. You can see cold fronts moving in from the west, and lightning and storm activity anywhere, anytime. 

More radar project details

For the location, status and timing of all of our current observation network projects, see our Current projects page.