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19:30 UTC on Monday 16 May 2022 | Visible, greyscale, Australia

Visible, greyscale, Australia satellite image of Australia at Mon May 16 19:30:00 2022

Images from Japan Meteorological Agency satellite Himawari 8 via Bureau of Meteorology.

Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology 
Bureau National Operations Centre
Satellite Notes for 0600UTC Chart
Issued at 5:51 pm EST Tuesday on 17 May 2022
Low level cloud covers the southeast of the continent west of the Dividing Range
in NSW. This is due to a series of cold fronts that have brought up
Antarctic-source air over recent days. Middle and high level cloud over Tas is
from the fast-moving cold front.

A cloud band over the Pilbara region WA is now extending towards Central
Australia and western SA. This is caused by an upper air disturbance. A weak
"cut-off" low and surface trough can be seen near the southwest of that state.

Patchy low cloud is over eastern Qld but the north of the continent is
relatively cloud free.