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03:30 UTC on Sunday 24 March 2019 | False colour temperatures, Full Disk

False colour temperatures, Full Disk satellite image of Australia at Sun Mar 24 03:30:00 2019

Images from Japan Meteorological Agency satellite Himawari 8 via Bureau of Meteorology.

Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology 
Bureau National Operations Centre
Satellite Notes for the 0600UTC Chart
Issued at 6:33 pm EDT Sunday on 24 March 2019

Tropical Cyclone "Trevor" has now weakened to a low near Tennant Creek. A mass
of cloud still circulates it with many thunderstorms active to the north.

Severe Tropical Cyclone "Veronica" is just near the Pilbara coast between
Roebourne and Port Hedland. Cloud is streaming southeastwards from this system
over South Australia, New South Wales and Victoria.

A strong, fast moving cold front is nearing Adelaide. The speckled, cellular
cloud to its west is the cold air mass. This weather system will bring a
significant change to the southeast tonight and tomorrow.