Satellite Data Requests

The Bureau archives satellite data from a number of satellites, such as:

  • Himawari-8
  • MTSAT series
  • FY-2 series
  • NOAA series
  • GOES series

If you are interested in obtaining satellite data from the Bureau's satellite archive please email Satellite Operations by including the following details:

  • Period: Date and time for which data is required
  • Satellite(s): Name of satellite and/or satellite sensor (optional)
  • Region: Central location or bounding lat/lons
  • Format: JPG, geoTIFF (selected satellites), netCDF (selected satellites)
  • Enhancements: Map, location bulls-eye, false colour, Blue Marble composite
  • Purpose: Proposed used of requested data
  • Timeline: Indicate the deadline and priority for the request

Please note that depending on the requested data and the proposed use, the data retrieval may carry a cost recovery charge.