Aviation Meteorological Services Transformation

The Bureau is committed to providing a high quality and responsive aviation meteorological service delivering long-term improvements to the aviation industry through better air traffic management and providing more digital and graphical meteorological information. Our mission is to provide world class aviation meteorological services and insights to our customers that enhance the safety and economy of aviation operations every day.

A detailed analysis of our current operational arrangements – the Review of Aviation Weather Services (RAWS) - was completed at the request of the aviation industry in 2015. The RAWS Report found that while the Bureau runs an effective and efficient forecast production system, improvements were necessary to adapt to future requirements and to improve the coordination between forecast centres. The Aviation Meteorological Services Transformation (AMST) programme builds on the findings and recommendations from the RAWS to deliver an improved aviation service. The programme will deliver a more flexible and responsive service that meets the growing needs of the aviation industry within national and international frameworks.

The primary objectives of the programme are:

  1. To enhance operational effectiveness and flexibility by implementing a national aviation meteorological service with dedicated aviation forecasting teams.
  2. To enable aviation specialists to spend more time with our customers and thus develop an even greater appreciation of how weather impacts aviation operations.
  3. To more rapidly employ advances in technology and meteorological science that deliver value to aviation operations.
  4. To develop and deliver enhanced digital and graphical aviation services in line with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) global air navigation plan and provide additional services tailored to the Australian regulatory and operating environment.
  5. To ensure continuous improvement by routinely measuring performance using industry endorsed indicators.

Service transitions are planned to commence in 2019 and be complete by June 2020.

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