Research and Scientific Solutions

Applied science for improved business operations.

The Bureau is committed to world-class research that supports and advances the quality, breadth, timeliness and utility of our products and services for the benefit of all residents and businesses operating in Australia and communities around the world.

Our research and scientific solutions provide clients with insights into how weather, climate, water and the ocean may affect their business' activities and help them plan an effective response, enhancing their climate resilience.

We have extensive experience working with a wide range of industry and public sector clients to provide tailored weather and climate research and client focused products, services and advice, including:

  • Scientific solutions for robust operational application, strategic planning and policy development,
  • Meteorological, climatological, oceanographic and hydrological analysis and tailored reports,
  • Site or region specific climate outlooks,
  • Tropical cyclone science to support decision making in cyclone prone regions,
  • Atmospheric dispersion models to predict the spread and impact contaminants and pollutants,
  • Climate change projections to assist clients with understating and adapting to the likely implications of climate change on their activities,
  • Training in meteorological and related sciences and associated IT applications.

To learn more about our research and scientific solutions, contact us today at or visit our research pages for the wide range of our research programmes.


International Partnerships

Collaboration with leading international agencies


Research and Climate Applications

Examples of our research and climate related work