2020 Australian Weather Calendar

2020 Australian Weather Calendar

The Australian Weather Calendar is back for 2020, bringing you breathtaking weather photos in glossy full colour, along with the science behind the amazing displays.

Each picture captures a different experience—from the delicate pattern of frost on bright green leaves in Canberra to rare red sprites above Kununurra. Together they celebrate the beauty and majesty of Australia's weather.

  • Thirteen carefully selected photographs from all corners of Australia, each capturing an authentic and remarkable weather experience.
  • Simple explanations of the weather in the photographs by our experts.
  • One month to a page, with large daily squares to write your personal appointments and activities.
  • Daily squares marking Australian public holidays, daylight saving dates, moon phases, solstices and equinoxes.
  • Weeks that start on a Monday, making it easy to record weekend activities that stretch across Saturday and Sunday.
  • Monthly average weather conditions for 12 major cities—including average maximum and minimum temperatures and average rainfall.
  • A feature article about the science of rainbows.
  • Stories about how the Bureau works to support your safety—from warnings and forecasts for the community to specialised services for emergency services, the Australian Defence Force and industry.

The calendar is full-colour, spiral-bound, and designed to hang on the wall. It comes in two sizes: the traditional large format (594 x 420 mm), which features landscape photographs about A3 size; and a smaller format (220 x 310 mm closed, 440 x 310 mm open), with photographs about A4 size.


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