Australian Weather Calendar - Cover 2014

Cover 2014 Photo by Grant Dixon Photography

A glimpse of sunlight in winter’s realm

Challenging weather and freezing conditions near dusk didn’t stop Tasmania’s landscape photographer Grant Dixon from capturing the spectacular winter landscape of Mt Field National Park, Tasmania. Among the monolithic dolerite columns and boulders, encased with rime, Grant spotted the misty, eerie clearing that he managed to photograph before fingers froze or moisture fogged his lens.

Freezing fog can occur when the surface temperature is below 0 °C. Liquid water droplets in the fog freeze when they make contact with solid surfaces under these conditions, forming a white ice known as rime. It is common on high mountain tops such as the 1434 metre rocky peak of Mt Field West pictured in the cover photograph.

Rime generally collects on the windward side of solid surfaces, as seen in this photo. Rime is similar to the white ice often found in the inside of older-style freezers.