Australian Weather Calendar: Cover 2015

Cover 2015 Photographer Debbie Hartley

Melting frost on dandelion, Kambah, Australian Capital Territory

When she lived in Kambah, ACT, Debbie Hartley took a camera out into her back yard early each morning, 'because overnight anything can happen'. On 1 May 2011 she found a dandelion sparkling with frost. 'When the sun comes up,' says Debbie, 'you've got to start photographing really quickly or you're going to miss it all.'

Debbie was using a Canon 7D camera with a 100mm macro lens.

The sea, which takes a long time to heat up or cool down, moderates coastal climates and keeps them warmer in winter. The ACT, though, lies inland of the Great Dividing Range, 150 km from the coast. It has a relatively dry continental climate and gets very cold in winter. The plains of Russia and central North America also have continental climates.