Australian Weather Calendar: July 2015

July photograph by Jordan Cantelo

Isolated heavy rain over the Kennedy Range, Western Australia

Jordan Cantelo was an air observer for the WA Department of Environment and Conservation (now called the Department of Parks and Wildlife) during bushfires in early 2012. 'When I was flying back along the Kennedy Range some thunderstorms fired up,' he recalls, 'and provided the most magnificent view for us from the helicopter'.

In summer a low pressure trough stretches along Australia's west coast—the boundary between warm, dry, continental air and cooler, moist, sea air from the Indian Ocean. It usually brings fine weather, but as it deepens thunderstorms can form to its east. The pressure chart above shows a trough along the west coast connecting with a heat low—an area of low pressure formed by hot rising air—over the Kimberley.

Jordan took this photo from one of the Department's reconnaissance / air attack helicopters (a Bell 206 Jetranger), with a Canon 5D Mk II camera and a 24–70 mm lens.