Australian Weather Calendar: June 2015

June photograph by Rob Blakers

Frost and cushion plants on Skullbone Plains, Tasmania

Rob Blakers was up early on 5 April 2011 to photograph cushion plants and frost-covered grasses on Skullbone Plains. The 1600 ha property in central Tasmania joined Australia's National Reserve System in 2011.

When a solid surface is colder than freezing and also below the 'dew point' of surrounding air, moisture is deposited on it as frost. Clear, still nights are often the coldest—without the shielding effect of clouds, heat is lost in the form of long-wave (infrared) radiation. This radiative cooling continues overnight until the sun's warming rays return, meaning the coldest part of the night is often near dawn. Rob used a Canon 5D Mk II camera with a 24 mm Tilt-Shift lens to take four or five overlapping images and 'stitch' them together, for a more detailed image over a wider field of view.