Australian Weather Calendar: June 2016

June photograph by Casper Smit

Casper Smit is a chemical engineer, and has spent the past four years working in magnetite mines around Western Australia. Near one mine (now closed) east of Mount Magnet, in August 2014, Casper noticed thin, wispy clouds known as cirrus clouds. They are formed by ice crystals, high up in the atmosphere. Cirrus clouds often move along in a high, fast-flowing wind known as a jet stream, which crosses Australia from west to east.

Watching the clouds moving quickly past, Casper looked around for something on the ground to line up with them. ‘You can always take a picture of the clouds,’ he notes, ‘but the foreground anchor is what adds to it.’

Casper was using a Canon 5D Mk II with a 16–35 mm lens.