Australian Weather Calendar: May 2015

May photograph by Louise Denton

Storm front over Muirhead, Northern Territory

Between October and April, wet west-to-northwesterly winds flow from the Indian Ocean and Maritime Continent (Indonesia, Philippines and surrounding island nations) into a trough of low pressure across northern Australia. The wet season comprises a build-up as heat and humidity rise, several bursts of the northwesterly monsoon with breaks in between, then a transition back to the dry season.

'In Darwin we're pretty spoilt with storms,' says Louise Denton. 'A lot of them are quite isolated, so you can stand and watch them go straight past.' She drove to Darwin's northern edge to photograph one such storm—capturing a shelf cloud, a cumulonimbus and a bolt of lightning.

Louise was using a Canon 5D Mk III camera with a 17–40 mm lens and a lightning trigger.