Australian Weather Calendar: October 2015

October photograph by Peter Marin

After a brief hailstorm in Geelong, Victoria

Peter Marin waited out a hailstorm in his car on the Geelong waterfront, then walked up Western Beach to see 'what kind of light was going to be produced' in the wake of the storm.

'The sun, which was behind me, was starting to shine through a gap in the clouds,' says Peter. 'This lit up the main storm cloud, which was looking pretty spectacular. Right time, right place.'

Hail forms when very cold water droplets within a cloud freeze. The resulting ice particles circulate in the cloud and grow as more water freezes onto them. Strong updrafts within severe storms can allow this process to continue until large hailstones are formed.

Peter used a Canon EOS 30D camera, at a focal length of 17 mm.