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Researchers Arthur Simanjuntak, Diana Greenslade and Stewart Allen brief colleagues on the latest tsunami simulations. A computer simulation of sea-level height from a tsunami generated by a hypothetical large earthquake near the Solomon Islands.

August: Tsunamis and the Great Barrier Reef

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THE Great Barrier Reef is the target of the latest tsunami modelling by Diana Greenslade and colleagues in the Centre for Australian Weather and Climate Research (CAWCR). Following the Indian Ocean tsunami of 2004, researchers modelled more than 2000 tsunami scenarios for hundreds of potential earthquake sites, and multiple intensities. The Joint Australian Tsunami Warning Centre forecasters use their simulations when estimating a tsunami’s spread and likely impact.

The reef study will assess what impact the reef might have on an approaching tsunami, and what effect a tsunami might have on the reef and cruise boats. Research combines high-resolution modelling of tsunamis with sea-level data from automated tide gauges and from tsunameters which report rapid sea-level fluctuations.

CAWCR manages more than 200 projects covering atmosphere-land observation and assessment, climate variability and change, weather and environmental prediction, earth system modelling, and ocean observation assessment and prediction.