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Observer - Technical Officer Level 2

Overview of the role

As an observer on station you will assist in the performance of the observations program. You will provide assistance to the senior observer or technician as required, and where relevant, assist other staff on station.

What you will actually do

Under guidance from the senior observer you will:

  • Perform surface synoptic, marine and aviation observations.
  • Perform upper air observations.
  • At selected stations you will be involved with ozone observations via spectrophotometer and/or radiosonde.
  • Where directed, provide training to other Bureau staff or staff doing observations on the Bureau's behalf.
  • Provide data or advice on access to data to personnel on station.
  • Liaise with other nations' stations or staff as directed.
  • Perform observational and data collection tasks for other areas of the Bureau or other organizations.
  • Generate hydrogen and assist with maintenance of the generation equipment.
  • Maintain a watch for hazards, and report on hazards and incidents as required.
  • Assist the senior observer or station technician as directed by the senior observer or Regional Observations Manager (ROM).
  • Act as senior observer in the event of the absence of the senior observer for an extended period/s.

As well as these specific job roles you will also be required to, in common with all other expeditioners, perform duties rostered by the Station Leader to support the community life of the expedition, such as general kitchen duties, garbage clearance and water duties. There will also be opportunities to assist other expedition members with official programs that may include supporting scientific research, aviation operations, field camps or undertaking over-land traverses to outlying regions.

Required skills, knowledge and attributes

  • An associate diploma from an Australian educational institution, or a comparable overseas qualification, which is appropriate to the duties; or relevant experience and training, which enables the employee to competently perform the duties at this level; or other comparable qualifications, which are appropriate to the duties.
  • Demonstrated ability to work largely unsupervised in a time critical role on a rotating 7 day per week roster. Proved interpersonal skills to work in a diverse team role.

Personal qualities requirements

As a member of a small community there are also personal attribute requirements which the Bureau of Meteorology and the Australian Antarctic Division (AAD) assess very closely. You will need to meet the personal qualities criteria listed below. To be successful you will:

  • Demonstrate a strong work ethic.
  • Demonstrate that you can make a positive contribution to community and team.
  • Demonstrate that you respond to authority and are compliant with the law, legislative requirements, BOM and AAD policies and procedures,
  • Demonstrate a commitment to Australian Antarctic program specific requirements including the AAD code of conduct.

Medical, psychological and security screening

If you are assessed as meeting the above job related and personal quality requirements, you will be required to undergo medical, psychological and security screening. Meeting the requirements of these is mandatory.

  • The AAD's Polar Medicine Unit will decide on your medical fitness for duty in Antarctica following tests conducted on our behalf by a nominated medical practitioner.
  • Psychological assessments will be conducted by a psychologist nominated by the AAD.
  • Security checks vary depending on the role required. This may be limited to a police record check.
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