How to Apply

Preparing your application

Before you lodge an application online, we recommend when preparing your application that you:

  • Download and read the Job Details document for the position which contains the duty statement and selection criteria for the position.
  • Have a current professional Resume/CV which details relevant employment experience, skills, qualifications and achievements.
  • Prepare a statement specifically addressing the selection criteria for the position.
  • Read the Social Justice Strategy Information.  
  • Note the closing date of the vacancy and ensure you submit an application online by the closing date.

Addressing the Selection Criteria

The selection criteria details the work-related qualities required to perform the duties of the position and during the online application process, you will be asked to provide a statement against each criterion. Your statement should detail your skills, abilities, experience and qualifications which enable you to meet the criteria. We recommend a maximum of 500 words per criterion. As a guide 250 to 500 words per criterion should be suffice.

Information on how to address selection criteria is available as a PDF document - ‘A Guide to Addressing Selection Criteria for Applicants’.

About e-Recruit and applying online

The Bureau of Meteorology uses an online e-Recruit system that enables you to submit an application online.  

The e-Recruit system is easy to use and will prompt you on how to register and apply for vacancies.

Before you apply you can preview the online application form for the vacancy by clicking “Preview Application Form” in the Action menu for that vacancy.

The online application form will prompt you to provide information on:  

  • Citizenship status
  • Current contact details
  • Employment details
  • Education details
  • Diversity questions (optional to answer)
  • Resume/CV (which you will upload)
  • Statement addressing each selection criterion (a free text box is provided for each criterion)
  • Names of two professional referees

Lodging your application online

Applications should be lodged online by the specified closing date.

To apply online visit our Current Vacancies page and click the "Start New Application" for the position you wish to apply for.

When applying please ensure you respond to all the online questions, complete your responses to the selection criteria and upload a copy of your resume.

When completing your application online, regularly click save. If there is no activity for a set period of time the online application process may time out or you may be disconnected from the process by your ISP.

We prefer applications to be lodged online; however we can accommodate another arrangement if you are unable to access the e-Recruit system. Please speak to the Recruitment Unit before the application closing date if you are unable to access the e-Recruit system, so an alternative arrangement can be discussed.

Experiencing difficulties or need assistance?

Please contact our Recruitment Unit Helpdesk Tel: (03) 9669 4401 if you are unable to access the e-Recruit system or need assistance.

Further information

If you would like further information on using our e-Recruit system refer to the User Guides below.

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