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At the Bureau, our recruitment and selection process is fair and transparent.

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Found a job that might be right for you? Here's a brief outline on how our process works.

Our recruitment process

  1. We advertise a job, including qualifications, citizenship, security and health check requirements on BOMCareers.
  2. Applicants submit their applications by the closing date.
  3. A selection panel decides which applications are suitable for further assessment.
  4. Short-listed candidates may attend an interview, and/or other assessments, such as competency tests or assessment centres. These may be conducted in person or online.
  5. We check selected candidates' referees.
  6. A verbal offer is made to the preferred candidate. If accepted, we conduct pre-employment checks (for example, police checks, qualifications, working rights).
  7. After successfully completing pre-employment checks, we make a formal written offer and agree on a start date.

Types of applications

There are three different types of applications here at the Bureau of Meteorology. The Hiring Manager will select the application process most relevant for the role advertised. The three types of applications are:

  1. Resume only – this process will require you to simply submit your resume.
  2. Resume and One Page Pitch – this type of advertisement will require you to submit your resume along with a One Page Pitch. Further advice on how to craft a successful One Page Pitch is included below.
  3. Resume and Selection Criteria – this type of advertisement will require you to submit your resume as well as address a set of specific Selection Criteria. Further advice on how to craft successful Selection Criteria responses is included below.

Your Resume

Your resume should be a snapshot of your qualifications, experience, skills and achievements. A resume needs to be clear, concise and neatly organised, with content relevant to the role you’re applying for. Your resume should include:

  • Employment History including paid or volunteer work experience, in reverse chronological order. For each job, include your job title, name of employer, and dates of employment (month and year). Briefly describe your responsibilities and highlight any achievements you accomplished in each role.
  • Education, qualifications and details of any training or courses relevant to the role.
  • Other specialist skills or knowledge.
  • Memberships of professional organisations.
  • Referee details including names, contact details and a brief description of your working relationship(s).

The One Page Pitch

If requested, a One Page Pitch of no more than 1000 words is your opportunity to explain why you are the right person for the job. We want to know why you want to work at the Bureau of Meteorology, why you are interested in the role, what you can contribute and how your attributes, skills, knowledge, experience and qualifications will ensure your success in the role.

Your summary should include examples that clearly demonstrate your ability, or potential to develop the ability, required for the position.

It is not mandatory that you provide separate examples for each skill listed on the job description. For example, if the position overview states that we are seeking a confident communicator with the ability to prioritise and work independently, you could use one example that demonstrates all these skills. You could follow this by providing a second example that encompasses the remainder of the required skills listed.

Please note that the One Page Pitch is included in our application system as a free-text field, not a document upload. We therefore recommend that you draft you pitch in a word processing system (like Microsoft Word) so you can check the word count and spelling, and then copy and paste your response into the application system.

Addressing Selection Criteria

Selection criteria provide a set of measurable standards against which employers can assess your application. Selection criteria describe the personal qualities, skills, abilities, knowledge and qualifications (if any) a person needs to perform the role effectively.

The best way to address selection criteria is to:

  1. Demonstrate capability by providing evidence of how you meet the selection criteria
  2. Provide specific details; and
  3. where possible, include an indicator of success or a result.

To structure your response to the selection criteria we recommend that you use the 'STAR' approach. The STAR approach will assist you when responding to the questions asked.

  • Situation  – provide a brief outline of the situation or setting
  • Task  – outline what you did
  • Approach or action – outline how you did it
  • Result – describe the outcomes.

Having trouble or need assistance?

We prefer applications to be lodged online; through BOMCareers however, should you experience any difficulties, please contact the Recruitment Team before the application closing date for an alternative arrangement.

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