Andrea Peace

Meteorologist - Victoria Regional Office

The weather affects every person, every day of their life. Meteorology has been my passion since I was 12 years old. During year 10, I did my work experience at the Bureau and went on to complete a Bachelor of Science Degree at The University of Melbourne, majoring in Meteorology. It was a very exciting time when I was finally accepted into the Bureau to be trained as a Meteorologist. In 2006, I completed the Bureau's Graduate Diploma of Meteorology at the training school in Melbourne and then was posted to Brisbane.

I had fantastic experiences forecasting in Brisbane. I particularly enjoyed being part of a team that forecasts severe thunderstorms and tropical cyclones. Recently, I returned to Victoria and am now a forecaster in the Victorian Regional Office.

The great thing about working here is that there are many different departments to work in, so no matter what your background or passion, there is a job for you. I feel very lucky to work in such an interesting, exciting and challenging industry.

Benjamin Blunt

Technical Officer Observer - Rockhampton

I was accepted into the 2007 Observer course. I originally hail from Cairns, where I worked for many years as a Travel Consultant. I really wanted to get into a 'career' rather than just another job. Weather, rainfall and cyclones were always of great interest to me, so I decided on a university degree that would turn that interest into a career.

Upon completing the Observer course I was posted to Rockhampton, where I spend most of my time. I also provide leave relief to other stations in Queensland, and have also worked in Mackay, Longreach, Townsville, Cairns and Weipa.

To this day, the work doesn't really feel like work. It's always very interesting and I enjoy it immensely. I no longer get the 'Monday blues' and actually look forward to going to work. I don't know too many people who can honestly say that.

Deaan Taaffe

Technical Officer Observer - Esperance

At the end of 2006 I had just completed a degree in Science (multidiscipline) with Curtin Kalgoorlie Campus, when I found a two-line advert stating that the Bureau was taking applications for trainee weather observers for 2007. After some phone calls and a couple of visits to the Kalgoorlie weather station, I decided it was the path I wanted to travel.

I moved to Melbourne with my husband, for nine months of intensive training. I graduated in November 2007 and was sent out into the field to put all I learnt into action. From my base at Esperance, I provide leave relief, and have been to various stations, eg. Kalgoorlie, Eucla and Cobar. I have just started a six-month voluntary tour of duty at Giles weather station.

A general interest in the weather and the opportunity to combine work and travelling around Australia was the main draw card for me. This work gives me a lifestyle that would be hard to find elsewhere.

Jenny Feast

Technical Officer - Observer

I moved from Margaret River in Western Australia to join the Trainee Observer course in March 2009. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Surf Science and Technology (ocean sciences) and, as a surfer, have always had a keen interest in the weather and how it works.

What attracted me to the job is that it is hands-on. We work with real-time data, collecting raw meteorological information which is collated to produce weather forecasts. The balance of practical skills and theory throughout the course gives us an understanding of how the data we collect with weather balloons and instruments is relevant to the state of the atmosphere and how the weather will behave. I work with such a supportive team of people where information is readily accessible and learning is actively encouraged. It is very refreshing to be surrounded by people who are passionate about what they do.

I've found the course very rewarding. Every day is different. The job offers me the opportunity to work in weather stations all over Australia. I especially look forward to working in some of Australia's most isolated weather stations, including Willis Island and Antarctica. Gone are the days where I look up at clouds and just see cotton balls and sheep!

Mark Seaborn

Technical Officer - Electronics

I have been keen to develop a career that combined a good mix of practical, technical and field work ever since completing my Advanced Diploma in Computer Systems Engineering.

When i saw the position advertised as a Technical Officer (Electronics) with the Bureau of Meteorology, I knew it was the job for me.

The training developed by the Bureau provides a perfect mix, because it is presented by lecturers who were previously Technical Officers themselves! I have found the training challenging, enjoyable and an invaluable opportunity to develop my career in electronics. What I have liked best about the training is the friends I have made, and the experience I have gained... where else can you learn to fix the weather?

Mosese Raico

Technical Officer - Observer

I have been interested in meteorology since the age of 16. I completed a science degree at university in 1995 with the sole intention of gaining employment with the Bureau of Meteorology. I am incredibly grateful to finally be in the course this year.

It's been very interesting and I have enjoyed the subjects we have studied. Basic Meteorology, surface observations, upper air, hydrogen systems and others have all had their unique challenges. I am really looking forward to getting out into the field and putting into practice all that I have learnt so far.

Nadine Baillard

Graduate Meteorologist

The Graduate Meteorology training program has given me the opportunity to start a career that I love. During the training, you learn about dynamical atmospheric processes as well as useful practical skills, such as recognising severe thunderstorm signatures on the radar, analysing the intensity of tropical cyclones, and even training for media interviews. A highlight of the course has been a week of real-time forecast simulation.

My experience with the Bureau began in Perth. I commenced work experience in the Severe Weather section while I was studying honours in Mathematics and Statistics at Murdoch University. After graduating, I worked for a year in the Bureau's Commercial Weather section. My goal was to do the Graduate Meteorological training program, and this earlier work for the Bureau made the role of the Meteorologist more appealing.

I strongly recommend the Graduate Meteorology training program to people with a background in physical science who are passionate about Meteorology. The friendships that you make, the excitement of living in another city and the skills that you learn are a fantastic experience.

Ross Bunn

Meteorologist - Australian Tsunami Warning System - Melbourne

After studying a range of science subjects at Monash University in Melbourne, I eventually found myself studying meteorology. My career started in the Bureau of Meteorology in 2003, where I was employed in the Bureau Training Centre to develop oceanographic course material for staff studying the Graduate Diploma in Meteorology. This was my first taste of operational training for meteorologists. I was accepted into the Graduate Diploma of Meteorology Course in 2004 and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Forecasting for two years in Brisbane provided me the opportunity to forecast sub-tropical meteorology for south-east Queensland - a challenging and rewarding experience, particularly for severe thunderstorms and flooding events.

I moved back to Melbourne in 2007. After forecasting national weather features for the aviation industry, I was accepted into a training position in the newly developed Joint-Australian Tsunami Warning Centre. I have been working as a training officer ever since, and have visited the Pacific Island Nation of Palau to help with the nation's public warning systems for tsunami. The Centre is an exciting place to work, where scientific development and our understanding of tsunamis is still rapidly developing,

Stephanie Bond

Graduate Meteorologist

I was always interested in the weather. The Bureau of Meteorology was the first and only place I wanted to work, because it's a chance to provide a valuable service that benefits the community. The chance to work in another city was also an adventure I was looking for.

During uni I completed a Bachelor of Maths and had not completed subjects in meteorology or climatology, however, with a basic understanding of weather (and with my maths and physics background), I have found the course very enjoyable.

The graduate training program is excellent. The lecturers have all worked as forecasters, and bring real world experience into the course. I especially enjoyed Tropical Meteorology and Radar Theory/Prac where I was able put my knowledge into practice. Everyone is sociable and supportive and I know I am going to work in a great place.

Thomas Delamotte

Graduate Meteorologist

It has been my ambition to work for the Bureau as a meteorologist from when I was a youngster. I studied for a BSc (Physics) at Curtin University in Perth, and also did work experience with the Perth office of the Bureau for the last one-and-a-half years of my degree before applying. This experience in the real workplace was very rewarding and engaging and only acted to fuel my ambition to become a meteorologist.

I have found the Graduate course challenging but very enjoyable, and coming from the forecasting experience in Perth to the course was a smooth transition as the course ties in well with the principles that are used on the forecasting bench. Highlights were the Tropical Cyclone and Thunderstorm units.

Moving to Melbourne to do the course was no problem, seeing as there is always something exciting to do here and I have met many awesome people and had plenty of good times. Overall coming to Melbourne has been one of the best experiences of my life to date.

Ben Gillson

Technical Officer - Electronics - Melbourne

I studied electronics so that I could repair guitar amplifiers; I've since travelled to Darwin to install a weather radar, repaired devices that measure the height of clouds and calibrated automatic weather stations throughout the Coral Reef.

I trained as a Technical Officer (Electronics) with the Bureau of Meteorology during 2007. Our class learnt what causes "weather" during an Introduction to Meteorology course, how to work in explosive atmospheres, repair and maintain diesel engines, extinguish large fires during fire training and "not to look down" during our heights safety training. With my previous employment being behind a desk, even today as I type this, I am proud and genuinely surprised by what my training has enabled me to understand and achieve. I think, was it really me on Adele Island fixing the automatic weather station? Was it really me in Weipa repairing a hydrogen balloon launcher? Was it really me in Darwin, in Gladstone, in Cairns, in Adelaide, in Robe, in Broome? As electronic technicians, we maintain a vast network of electronic equipment spread throughout mainland Australia, surrounding islands, neighbouring countries and even Antarctica.

I work on equipment that led to the discovery of global warming and climate change. I work within an organisation that matters to every Australian, every single day. I have only been with the Bureau for three years but, with the average employee choosing to stay for over 20 years, I'm sure I have many more adventures ahead of me.

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