Bureau of Meteorology: Other Warnings and Alerts


There are a number of alerts and warnings that are not classified within any of the other groups listed on the earlier page.

Many of these are only issued in limited areas or individual states, although there are some plans to expand the range some of these products. 

Warning/Alert Description Target Audience Issue
Road Weather Alert Warning to drivers (usually in and about cities) on hazardous conditions: like rain, fog, snow, surface ice. Road users 
(mostly major cities)
When threat exists
Warning for Farmers/Graziers
Sheep Graziers Warning
Sheep Graziers Advice
Sheep Farmers Alert
Farmers and Graziers Alert 
Advice to agriculture on conditions dangerous to new-born lambs and recently shorn sheep
(note: the name of this product varies between states)
Farmers When threat exists
Frost Warning Advice to agriculture on conditions suitable for significant frosts Currently for Farmers in SA and Vic When threat exists
Brown Rot Warning Advice to agriculture on conditions suitable for Brown Rot Farmers in Victoria When threat exists
Haze Alert Warning for hazy conditions 
(in Perth)
Perth When threat exists
Bushwalking Weather Alert Warning of conditions that may be hazardous to bushwalkers in Tasmania (generally for snow) Bushwalkers (currently only for Tasmania) When threat exists
Other specialised advices are provided to specific clients through "Registered User" services. This includes warnings for the aviation industry and defence organisations.

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Last updated October 2004