Bureau of Meteorology: 

Severe Thunderstorm Warning Services

Severe Weather Warning Services


These pages provide information on the warnings services for severe weather events affecting land based communities, including:

  • Severe thunderstorms
  • Flash flooding
  • Land gales and destructive gusts
  • Damaging surf and storm tides
  • Blizzards
but excluding
  • Fire weather events
  • Tropical cyclones
  • Riverine flooding
  • Agricultural and road weather alerts


Severe Weather Warning
These warnings are provided when severe weather is expected that is not directly related to severe thunderstorms, tropical cyclones or bushfires. Examples include land gales, squalls, flash-flooding, dangerous surf or tides.

Severe Thunderstorm Warning
These warnings are provided when thunderstorms are expected to produce dangerous or damaging conditions.

Education Material

Note that other specialised products are provided to key stakeholders - like emergency service organisations. These generally provide detailed technical information to assist these organisations in planning disaster mitigation strategies.

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Last updated November 2004