Sample Severe Weather Warning for South Australia

Australian Government Bureau of
South Australia Regional Office




For people in the Adelaide Metropolitan, Mount Lofty Ranges, Yorke Peninsula, Kangaroo Island, Mid North, Murraylands, Upper South East, Lower South East and parts of the Lower Eyre Peninsula, Eastern Eyre Peninsula and Flinders districts.

Issued at 11:12 pm Monday, 9 May 2016.

A low pressure system centred over southern Victoria will move quickly southwards overnight to be well south of Tasmania by sunrise Tuesday.

Damaging west to southwesterly wind gusts of 90-100 km/h are possible with showers over the warning area for the next several hours, moving to the Lower South East district in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

Locations which may be affected include Adelaide, Kingscote, Maitland, Port Pirie, Keith and Mount Gambier.

These conditions have caused sea levels to be significantly higher than indicated on tide tables today. Sea levels along parts of Spencer Gulf and Gulf St Vincent coastlines are likely to be about one metre higher than the highest tide of the year. The Outer Harbor tide gauge peaked at 3.81 metres earlier this evening. There have been numerous reports of sea water inundation and flooding of low lying areas. Sea levels are subsiding.

High sea levels and windy conditions generate heavy surf along Adelaide beaches, leading to localised coastal erosion.

Severe weather is no longer occurring in the Riverland district and the warning for this district is CANCELLED.

The State Emergency Service advises that people should:

  • Move vehicles under cover or away from trees;
  • Secure or put away loose items around your property.
  • Don't drive, ride or walk through flood water;
  • Stay indoors, away from windows, while conditions are severe. .

The next warning is due to be issued by 2:15 am Tuesday.

Warnings are also available through TV and Radio broadcasts, the Bureau's website at or call 1300 659 215. The Bureau and State Emergency Service would appreciate warnings being broadcast regularly.

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The area covered by the warning is shaded yellow and represents the area where there is a potential threat from severe weather. The area may consist of all or part of one or several weather forecast districts.

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The issue time is the time that the Bureau of Meteorology transmitted the warning. It is displayed near the top of the warning text and also in the top right hand corner of the map. This example is in local South Australian time; that is Central Standard Time (CST) or Central Daylight Savings Time (CDT).

Validity Period and Update Frequency

Severe weather warnings in South Australia are valid for up to 24 hours. The warnings are updated every 3 hours, but more frequently if required. The expected issue time of the next warning is given in the text.