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Please update your bookmarks and links

Go to: Climate Data Online or click: Weather & climate data in left page menu.

Why did we change Climate Data Online?

Originally Climate Data Online provided links to two types of data, historical weather observations and statistics. It now provides access to an increasing range of information. The latest additions are Daily maximum and minimum temperatures and a Daily climate calendar. Files containing all years of data will be available soon.

To support the growing range of data, the new page needed to be more complex. You may select data using the Text or Map search tool. Each tool suits different user requirements. We have provided some shortcuts to make the page faster and easier to use. If you regularly get the same weather station or data type, you can save your selection so that it loads next time you visit.
See: Text search shortcut | Map search shortcuts

Where are the old Climate Data Online links?

One click to One page
The old Climate Data Online links (on the left-side of pages) have been integrated into the Climate links to make them easier to get to.

One click: You can now get to Climate Data Online with one click, from most climate pages.
Click 'Weather & climate data' in the left-side climate link list (menu).
Other Climate Data Online links, appear under this link.

We have prepared an information page to assist with this significant change. Climate website changes. It has diagrams comparing the old and new link menus.

One page: All our Climate Data Online information is available from the one page, including:

  • Recent observations (Daily weather observations)
  • Monthly statistics
  • Daily and monthly rainfall
  • Daily and monthly temperature
  • Daily climate calendar
  • Rainfall and temperature climatology maps

Redundant pages, like the old text-only search, will be phased out.

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Page updated: 25 Febrary 2011