Climate Data Online - Response to your feedback

Notice Board

We would like to thank everyone who sent us feedback.

We are implementing most requests and suggestions. Some of these, for example 'Daily temperature data' have now been published, and other requests, for example a file containing all years of data, will soon be available.

We are committed to providing our data online so the Climate Data Online service is being incrementally extended. If you need data that are not currently available, see: Getting other data.

A small number of requests were for data that we do not measure, for example Snowfall.

We will continue to enhance the controls within our pages to improve their usefulness.

Text and Map tool tips and shortcuts

To accommodate the diverse range of data requirements people have, the Text and Map search tools can be used in many different ways. You can also save your selections for reuse.
See: Text search shortcut | Map search shortcuts

We encourage you to review the supporting information pages (linked near the top right of the Text and Map search areas), to check the range of functionalities, information and shortcuts that are available.

Using the Map to search

Some of the feedback suggested that functionality like being able to zoom into the map, or select data had not been discovered. We recommend the ‘Help’ link to the top right of the map for some basic tips on using the map.

Some people requested keeping the old, simpler map interface. A more complex search tool is needed to provide access the expanding range of available data. If you just want to access the same type of data each visit, we recommend using the controls for saving your selection.

Using the Text search

When changing between data types, the range of relevant stations differs, so the station number field is cleared. For example, there are over 18,000 Daily rainfall stations. The majority of these do not measure temperature and other weather elements. Statistics, ie. the daily and monthly averages, require at least 10 years of station data, further reducing the range of relevant stations.

We have added an option to keep the station number when selecting other data types, but we recommend that you only use this option if you know that the station collects the other data types you want. You can clear the number by searching for stations again.

Page updated: 3 September 2010