Climate web site changes

New links menu

In response to feedback, we have streamlined the links menu on the left of climate pages.
Changes include:

  • The Climate and Climate Data Online menus have been combined.
  • Key pages can be reached with one click.
  • Some link names use more familiar words.
  • New services have been added.

If you are looking for links that have changed, they are outlined below.

Comparison of the old and new menus

Comparison of old Climate, Climate Data Online and the new combined menu

Summary of changes

'Seasonal Outlooks' and 'Climate Change' links have not been changed.

'Recent & Historical' links from OLD climate menu have been split into 4 groups in the new menu. Every group label links to a key page, as well showing sub-group links.
For example, you can click on 'Reports & Summaries' to view a page linking all the climate reports and summaries, as well as the sub-group links 'Drought' and 'Monthly weather review'.

AWAP has become 'Maps - recent conditions'.

Climate data online group'Weather & climate data' contains the old 'Climate Data Online' links including 'Recent observations', 'Monthly statistics','Climate extremes' and 'Weather station directory' and new links to 'Daily rainfall' history and 'Other available data'.
For 'Climate Data Online' and 'Historical observations' click 'Weather & climate data' in the menu.

Other climate web site changes

'Weather & climate data' (Climate Data Online) is continuing to extend web access to our vast data collection. From initial provision of Monthly statistics and Daily weather observations, you can now also get Daily rainfall observations, Daily minimum and maximum temperatures, the Daily climate calendar and Monthly mean and extreme minimum and maximum temperatures. The map tool provides a station search, data selection also displays climatology maps.
Further data selections will become progressively available.

Survey feedback that helped inform Climate Data Online changes.

Page updated: 20 July 2010