How to get climate data from the Bureau


The Australian climate computer archive holds data from around 18,000 sites, both open and closed, including:

  • About 7,000 rainfall sites which are 'open' and reporting.;
  • About 2,000 open sites reporting other climate data, such as temperature, wind, evaporation; and more.

The Bureau has commenced a project to provide free access to historical climate (weather) data from these sites via Climate Data Online. The range of data available will grow over time.

If the data you require is not available online, it may be obtained from the Bureau as described below.
We also have a range of data packages available. Other climate data (CDs, DVDs, Publications).


Information required from you

To obtain data, all requests must be in writing (email, fax, letter) to any of the Regional Climate Centres. Please remember to include the following information:

  • Your full name.
  • Your organisation, if any.
  • Your postal address and/or email address.
  • Your phone number and/or your fax number (so we may contact you to discuss your request).
  • The station name and number of the site you require (available from the Weather Station Data page). If you are unsure, please supply the area or location of interest so we can do a station search for you.
  • Data required (eg. rainfall, temperature, etc).
  • Time period required.
  • The frequency of data (eg. monthly, daily, hourly).
  • The data format you prefer (eg. text, pdf)



A charge is made for the provision of climate data and/or information. The charge will depend on the complexity of your request and the time and resources required to service it.
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Page updated: 25 Febrary 2011