Map showing highlight locations.
Northern Terriory, rain
Western Australia, heat
South Australia, heat
Southeastern Australia, heat
Southeast Queensland and northeastern New South Wales, storms, cyclone
Victoria, storms
Tasmania, flood
New South Wales, fire
Inland Queensland, dry
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  • Warmest year on record; mean temperatures 1.20 °C above average
  • Australia’s warmest day (7 January), month (January) and season during summer 2012–13
  • Slightly below-average annual rainfall; 428 mm (1961–1990 average 465 mm)
  • Sea surface temperatures third-warmest since 1910 (based on preliminary data)
  1. Northern Australia

  2. Western Australia

  3. South Australia

  4. Southeastern Australia

  5. Southeast Queensland and northeastern New South Wales

  6. Victoria

  7. Tasmania

  8. New South Wales

  9. Queensland

Issued Friday 3 January 2014