Monday, 2 July 2007 - Monthly Climate Summary for ACT Region - Product code IDCKGC1xx0

Wet June with cool daytime temperatures in Canberra


  • Wet June with well above average rainfall.
  • Below average maximum temperatures.
  • Above average minimum temperatures.


Canberra Airport recorded a total rainfall of 92.8 mm during June which is the wettest June since 1998 when 117.4 mm was recorded (historic average 41.1 mm). Most of the rainfall occurred during the period 26th to 28th when Canberra Airport recorded 54.2 mm, resulting from an east coast low pressure system off the NSW South Coast and an associated upper level cold pool of air. There were 13 rain days during June well above the average of  9 days. There was considerable variation in June rainfall totals across the ACT ranging from 113.4 mm at Ginninderra to 43.7 mm at Tidbinbilla.


The mean daily temperature (the average of the mean maximum and mean minimum temperatures) at Canberra Airport was 6.9°C  which is 0.5°C higher than the average of 6.4°C. Cooler day-time temperatures were experienced in Canberra during June with a maximum temperature of 11.6°C which is 0.6°C below the average of 12.2°C.  However, Canberra experienced quite mild nights overall during June with a mean minimum temperature of  2.3°C,  which was above the long term average of 1.0°C.

As an indication of the mild temperatures in the ACT this year, the minimum of −1.9°C on 5 June was the first time a sub-zero temperature was recorded at Canberra Airport this year.  The 5 June is the latest date a sub-zero temperature has ever been recorded in Canberra.  The previous latest sub-zero temperature was on 1 June 1989 when −0.3°C was recorded.

Extremes of temperature at Canberra Airport ranged from a high of 15.3°C on the 9th to a low of −3.8°C on the 23rd. Corresponding extremes for Tuggeranong ranged from a high of 14.6°C on the 10th to a low of −5.4°C on the 23rd.


Even though the nights were milder overall there were still 15 frosts recorded during June which is slightly below the average of 18 frosts. Fog occurrences were slightly below average with 5 fogs (average 8 fogs).  Sunshine hours were slightly above average during June with an average of 5.4 hours per day (long term average 5.2 hours per day).  Winds were lighter than normal with an average windrun of 164.5 km per day compared to the long term average of 169.0 km per day. There were no strong wind days (average 2).

There were no snow days reported at Canberra Airport during June (the historic June average is 1 snowfall in every 4 years).  However, there was snow on the hills surrounding Canberra on several occasions during the month, of particular note was the early morning of Thursday 14th when snow to a depth of 25cm was reported around Captains Flat, Braidwood, Bungendore and just to the east of the Queanbeyan area. The Kings Highway was closed between Queanbeyan and Bungendore for most of the day and there were many reports of vehicles losing control on black ice. Further heavy snowfalls over the southern parts of the ACT on the 26th closed the Monaro Highway at Michelago where about 10cm was recorded. The average air pressure of 1018.3 hPA was well below the long term average of 1021.1 hPa mostly indicative of the presence of east coast lows off the NSW coast. Evaporation was 46.6 mm slightly below the average of 47.2 mm.

Further information

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Canberra Climate Services Centre
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Hottest day
Highest temperature
15.3°C at Canberra Airport on the 9th
Warmest days on average
Highest mean daily maximum temperature
11.6°C at Canberra Airport and Tuggeranong AWS
Coolest days on average
Lowest mean daily maximum temperature
11.6°C at Canberra Airpor and Tuggeranong AWS
Coldest day
Lowest daily maximum temperature
5.9°C at Tuggeranong AWS on the 26th
Coldest night
Lowest temperature
−5.4°C at Tuggeranong AWS on the 23rd and −6.0°C at Mount Ginini AWS on the 14th and 22nd.
Coolest nights on average
Lowest mean daily minimum temperature
1.8°C at Tuggeranong AWS
Warmest nights on average
Highest mean daily minimum temperature
2.3°C at Canberra Airport
Warmest night
Highest daily minimum temperature
8.4°C at Canberra Airport on the 9th
Wettest overall
Highest total rainfall
113.4 mm at Ginninderra
Driest overall
Lowest total rainfall
43.7 mm at Tidbinbilla
Wettest day
Highest daily rainfall
37.8 mm at Tharwa on the 27th
Highest wind gust
67 km/h at Tuggeranong AWS on the 8th


In this table, key sites have been highlighted to make them easier to find. This table is very wide and may not fit if printed.

Summary statistics for June 2007
Maximum temperatures
for June
Minimum temperatures
for June
for June
Mean for
Highest for
Mean for
Lowest for
Total for
Rank of
Fraction of
Canberra Airport 11.6 −0.6 15.3 9th 2.3 +1.3 −3.8 23rd 92.8 41.1 high 226%
Tuggeranong* 11.6 −1.5 14.6 10th 1.8 +1.0 −5.4 23rd 58.8 53.9 normal 109%

* short record, normals based on period 1996 - 2006 only


This statement has been prepared based on information available at 4pm on Monday 2 July 2007. Some checks have been made on the data, but it is possible that results will change as new information becomes available.

Normals are long-term means based on observations from all available years of record, which vary widely from site to site. They are not shown for sites with less than 10 years of record, as they cannot then be calculated reliably.
The median is sometimes more representative than the mean of "normal" rain.

The Rank indicates how rainfall this time compares with the climate record for the site, based on the decile ranking (very low rainfall is in decile 1, low in decile 2 or 3, normal in decile 4 to 7, high in decile 8 or 9 and very high is in decile 10).
The Fraction of normal shows how much rain has fallen this time as a percentage of the long-term mean.