South Australian Monthly Climate Summary: September 2006
Dry start to Spring in South Australia

Tuesday 3 October, 2006

In Brief

Rainfall was mostly very much below average whilst temperatures were above normal for the first month of spring.


Pastoral Districts
Rainfall totals over the Pastoral districts were below to very much below average over the whole area. There were many pockets of lowest on record rainfall abutting the northern agricultural areas.

There were no rainfall totals in excess on 10 mm over these districts. Preliminary figures show the highest rainfall totals were reported from the North East Pastoral district with Gluepot Station and Paratoo recording the highest totals, for the Pastoral districts as a whole, with only 5 mm. The Far North district recorded no rainfall and the North West district reported only 1 to 2 mm.

Agricultural Districts
Rainfall totals over the Agricultural districts were below to very much below average over the whole area. Much of the Eyre Peninsula, west of Arno Bay, recorded 'lowest on record' rainfall totals.

Rainfall totals between 50 and 100 mm were confined to the higher parts of the Mount Lofty Ranges. The remainder of the Mount Lofty Range, the Lower South East and parts of the Adelaide Plains recorded rainfall totals between 25 and 50 mm. The remainder of the Adelaide Plains with most of the Upper South East, Flats and Lower Basin, Murray Mallee, County Light, Yorke Peninsula, Kangaroo Island and the Lower North recorded rainfall totals between 10 and 25 mm. The Western Agricultural, Upper North and Riverland districts reported totals that were mostly below 10 mm.

Mount Barker, in the Mount Lofty Ranges, reported the highest rainfall total for September with 73 mm.

Maximum temperatures were up to 4.0°C above average over the eastern and central parts of the state grading to near normal along the coast of the Lower South East. Mean maximum temperatures in the Pastoral Districts ranged from 23.3°C at Yunta, in the Northeast district to 29.3°C at Oodnadatta in the Far North district. The highest temperature recorded in the Pastoral districts was 37.1°C at Moomba Airport on the 22nd. Maximum temperatures over the Agricultural Districts ranged from 15.9°C at Parawa, in the Mt. Lofty Ranges district, to 25.2°C at Port Augusta, in the Western Agricultural district. The highest temperature recorded in the Agricultural districts was 36.5°C at Nullarbor on the 18th.

Minimum temperatures were up to 3.0°C above normal over the northern interiors and the far west of the State and within 1°C of normal over the remainder. Mean minimum temperatures ranged from 4.3°C at Yongala, in the Upper North district, to 12.9°C at Moomba, in the Far North district. The lowest temperature recorded in South Australia for September was 3.0°C at Yongala on the 25th and also at Naracoorte Aerodrome on the 11th.

Significant Weather September 2006
Severe Winds
On Tuesday 19th a low pressure system passing south of the state produced gale force northwest winds at Lameroo for about 40 minutes. Vigorous fronts and showers following the fronts resulted in severe wind gusts on both Friday the 22nd and Sunday 24th. The Southeast of the state bore the brunt on Friday the 22nd with westerly gusts of 106 km/h at Naracoorte, 102 km/h at Cape Jaffa, 98 km/h at Coonawarra and 91 km/h at Robe. A report estimating wind gusts to 100 km/h was also received from Kangaroo Island. Severe west to southwest wind gusts reported on Sunday the 24th were 95 km/h at Minlaton, 93 km/h at Edithburgh and 91 km/h at Cape Willoughby.

Adelaide's weather
Adelaide's total rainfall for September 2006 was 31.0 mm, recorded on 8 days. This is 33.0 mm below the normal of 64.0 mm on 14 days. Last year, 59.2 mm was recorded during the month of September over 19 days.

The total rainfall for the four months of June to September 2006 was 90.8 mm and is 197.9 mm below the average of 288.7 mm for the same period. Last year 334.8 mm was recorded. This was the driest June to September period since 1914 when only 76.5 mm was reported.

The total rainfall for the first nine months of 2006 was 250.2 mm. Last year 405.0 mm was recorded over the same period. The average rainfall for the first nine months is 458.4 mm

The mean maximum temperature for September 2006 was 21.1°C, which is 2.2°C above the normal September mean maximum of 18.9°C. The mean September maximum last year was 18.9°C.

The mean minimum temperature for September 2006 was 9.8°C, which is 0.2°C above the normal September mean minimum of 9.6°C. Last September, the mean minimum was 9.7°C.

South Australian Weather Summary issued 3 October 2006: For further information please contact Bruce Brooks on (08) 8366 2698.