Adelaide Monthly Climate Summary: October 2006
Record Dry Continues in Adelaide

Wednesday 1 November 2006, 2006

In Brief

Rainfall in Adelaide during October was the equal lowest ever recorded, while the daytime temperatures were above normal.


Adelaide’s rainfall for October 2006 was 1.0 mm, recorded on 2 days. This is 47.5 mm below the normal of 48.5 mm on 11 days. This equals the previous driest October on record of one millimetre in 1969. Last year 88.4 mm was recorded in October on 17 days.

During the first two months of spring Adelaide recorded 33.6 mm. This is 111.5 mm below the spring average. This has been the driest first two months of spring since 1914 when only 19.3 mm was reported.

So far during this winter-spring period Adelaide has recorded only 93.4 mm. This is the driest winter-spring period since 1914 when only 80.8 mm was recorded.

The total rainfall for the first ten months of 2006 was 252.8 mm. This has been the driest first ten months period since 1967 when only 245.4 mm was recorded. Last year 493.4 mm was recorded over the same period. The average rainfall for the first ten months is 507.0 mm.

The mean maximum temperature for October 2006 is 24.4°C, which is 2.7°C above the normal October mean maximum of 21.7°C. The mean October maximum last year was 22.0°C.

The mean minimum temperature for October 2006 was 11.8°C, which is 0.4°C above the normal October mean minimum of 11.4°C. Last October, the mean minimum was 12.1°C.

CAPITAL CITY SUMMARY ISSUED 1 November, 2006 - Climate Services Centre, S.A. Bureau of Meteorology
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