Adelaide Monthly Climate Summary: November 2006
Record Dry Continues in Adelaide

Friday 1 December 2006, 2006

In Brief

Rainfall in Adelaide during November and Spring was significantly below average. November daytime temperatures were above normal and over-night temperatures near normal.


Adelaide's rainfall for November 2006 is 16.6 mm, recorded on 7 days. This is 15.9 mm below the average of 32.5 mm on 8 days. This was the driest November since 2003 when 11.4 mm was recorded. Last November 79.6 mm was recorded on 7 days. The driest November on record were in 1982 and 1996 when the monthly totals of only 1.2 mm were recorded.

The total rainfall for Spring 2006 was 50.2 mm. This has been the driest Spring since 1982 when 44.6 mm was reported. Last year 227.2 mm was recorded during Spring. The average Spring rainfall is 142.4 mm.

This has been the driest winter/spring period on record with only 110 mm being recorded. The previous driest winter/spring period was in 1914 when 133 mm was recorded. On average 368.2 mm is recorded for the same period.

2006 To Date
The year to date rainfall is 269.4 mm and is the 3rd driest year for the same period, and is the driest since 1967 when 246.8 mm was recorded. The driest on record occurred in 1959 when 237.7 mm was totalled. The average is 525.6 mm.

The mean maximum temperature for November 2006 is 27.0°C, which is 2.2°C above the normal of 24.8°C and is the warmest since November 2000 when 27.6°C was the average. The mean November maximum last year was 25.2°C.

The mean minimum temperature for November 2006 is 14.1°C which is 0.3°C above the normal of 13.8°C.  Last November, the mean minimum was 13.9°C.

The mean 3pm relative humidity for November was 32% which is lower than the average of 41% and is the lowest since the Kent Town record of 30% was set in 2003.

Total evaporation for November was 187.2 mm, which is above the average of 169.7 mm. The previous highest and record was in 1977 when the total was 207 mm.

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