Wednesday, 1 August 2007 - Monthly Climate Summary for Western Australia - Product code IDCKGC11R0

Western Australia in July 2007

The Third warmest July

For Western Australia as whole, July 2007 was the third warmest July on record in terms of mean maximum temperature and fourth warmest in terms of mean minimum temperature with warm anomalies of 1.67°C and 1.15°C respectively. Most of the state, except parts of the Kimberley, saw above average maximum and minimum temperatures with anomalies exceeding 3°C in some parts.(maxT map & minT map).

Several locations, mainly in the Southwest Land Division(SWLD) recorded their highest July mean maximum temperature, some their highest July mean minimum temperature and some their highest daily maximum temperature for July. For the second year in a row, Kalbarri recorded a maximum temperature of 30°C or greater in July, when such temperatures had not previously been recorded in the SWLD in July.

The statewide spatially averaged monthly rainfall for July was 18.1 mm, which is near the long-term average of 21.9 mm (rainfall map). A series of cold fronts and northwest cloud bands in the second half of the month brought some welcome rainfall to a large area of the SWLD and Gascoyne though 3-month rainfall totals from May to July were still below to very much below average across most of the state( 3-month rainfall map).

Some extremes and records for individual locations in WA are tabulated below.


Hottest day
Highest temperature
36.1°C at West Roebuck on the 30th
Warmest days on average
Highest mean daily maximum temperature
31.0°C at Curtin Aero
Coolest days on average
Lowest mean daily maximum temperature
15.4°C at Rocky Gully
Coldest day
Lowest daily maximum temperature
11.8°C at Bridgetown on the 24th
Coldest night
Lowest temperature
−5.1°C at Eyre on the 7th & 16th
Coolest nights on average
Lowest mean daily minimum temperature
4.6°C at Eyre
Warmest nights on average
Highest mean daily minimum temperature
24.4°C at Cocos Island Airport
21.3°C at Troughton Island
Warmest night
Highest daily minimum temperature
26.3°C at Cocos Island Airport on the 31st
23.0°C at Troughton Island on the 18th
Wettest overall
Highest total rainfall
343.0 mm at Bickley
Wettest day
Highest daily rainfall
55.0 mm at Exmouth Town on the 13th
Highest wind gust
117 km/h at Cape Leeuwin on the 2nd


Record highest total July rainfall
Total rainfall
for July 2007 (mm)
Previous highest
for July
Years of
Normal for
Learmonth Airport99.089.0in 19845523.8
Pickering Brook322.2315.4in 200031199.8

Record highest July mean daily maximum temperature
Mean daily maximum
for July 2007 (°C)
Previous highest
for July
Years of
Normal for
Katanning Comparison16.416.2in 197611314.5
Cape Naturaliste18.017.9in 200610316.3
Northam19.119.0in 19779616.8
Norseman19.518.9in 19945616.7
Ravensthorpe18.218.0in 19944516.3
Albany Airport17.117.0in 19764315.8
Esperance19.018.9in 19943917.1
Hyden18.918.7in 19773316.3
Kalbarri24.323.9in 20063221.6

Record highest July temperature
Highest temperature
in July 2007 (°C)
Previous highest
for July
Years of
Normal for
Geraldton Airport29.0on the 18th28.8on the 17th in 19766519.5
Carnamah26.6on the 18th25.5on the 8th in 20064717.8
Badgingarra Research Stn26.0on the 18th25.8on the 18th in 19764117.6
Northam25.2on the 18th25.0on the 8th in 20064116.8
Hyden24.5on the 18th24.4on the 20th in 20023516.3
Eneabba29.3on the 18th28.2on the 15th in 19773419.5
Goomalling25.8on the 18th24.5on the 9th in 20063217.0
Kalbarri30.5on the 18th30.0on the 6th in 20063221.6

Record highest July mean daily minimum temperature
Mean daily minimum
for July 2007 (°C)
Previous highest
for July
Years of
Normal for
Donnybrook8.28.0in 19921045.6
Kalgoorlie-Boulder Airport8.17.5in 1949674.9
Geraldton Airport12.411.9in 1964659.4
Corrigin7.37.1in 1949604.9
Meekatharra Airport10.09.9in 1996587.4
Bencubbin8.88.3in 1996575.9
Dalwallinu Comparison8.88.2in 1964536.6
Lake Grace Comparison7.77.0in 1985525.6
Pearce RAAF10.610.4in 1996478.5
Ongerup7.47.3in 1996405.8
Badgingarra Research Stn9.58.8in 2002387.1
Karnet8.48.2in 1992376.2
Narembeen8.67.6in 1973365.3
Pingelly7.47.1in 1996365.6
Kalbarri12.411.8in 1996319.7


This statement has been prepared based on information available at 10 am on Wednesday 1 August 2007. Some checks have been made on the data, but it is possible that results will change as new information becomes available.

Normals are long-term means based on observations from all available years of record, which vary widely from site to site. They are not shown for sites with less than 30 years of record, as they cannot then be calculated reliably.
The median is sometimes more representative than the mean of "normal" rain.

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