We provide as much free data online as possible and are continually expanding the online data services. Data that are not yet online are usually available by request, for a cost recovery fee. The information in this page lists some of the most popular datasets. When downloading a dataset for research, ensure you save a copy. The datasets are updated frequently and older versions can not be replicated. If you are not sure which data would suit your purpose, contact us for advice. If you plan to publish Bureau data, you will need to contact us for an access agreement (charges apply).

If you have a current Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU) with the Bureau, you will need to attach a copy of the MOU to your request for data in order for it to be honoured.

Any request for the fees to be waived must be made in writing via our feedback form and addressed to the Director of the Bureau of Meteorology. This process can take some time. Please ensure that you have a clear business case before proceeding. A waiver request is more likely to be successful where the Bureau is a partner in the stated project or where the agency/individual is providing the Bureau with data or information that has at least an equivalent value to the cost of the Bureau's data provision.