General enquiries

Do you have a map of the rainfall districts?
The Rainfall Districts page has a map and further details.
Where can I find a list of climate records?
Lists of climate records for each state and daily weather extremes are available on our climate records and daily extremes pages respectively.
Where can I find reports on recent climate events, such as heat waves?
Special Climate Statements are released periodically and report on exceptional climate events. The Monthly Weather Review also reports on significant, but less exceptional weather events.
Where can I find summaries of the recent climate?
Various reports, including monthly and seasonal summaries, and reports on the current state of the El Niño–Southern Oscillation, are available on our reports and summaries page.
Where can I find seasonal outlooks for the coming months?
Seasonal outlooks for rainfall and temperature are available on our Seasonal outlooks page.
What factors influence the climate of Australia?
There are many drivers of climate in Australia. Read more on our Australian climate influences page.
What is Daylight Savings Time and when does it apply?
Information on daylight savings and weather observations can be found on our
Daylight Saving Time and weather observations page.
Does the Bureau of Meteorology measure snow depth?

The Bureau does not measure snow depth, only rainfall.

Is it possible to get an estimate of how much snow fell?

Since the density of snow can vary significantly, it is difficult to determine the amount of snowfall using rainfall data. However, to a first approximation the following relationship can be used:
1 cm of fresh snow ≅ 1 mm of rain

Where can I get weather and climate information for international locations?

International weather and climate information can be found at
World Weather Information Service (Sponsored by the World Meteorological Organisation)

Where can I find information about the copyright associated with these data and information?

Permission is granted to download and use standard forecasts, charts, climate and summary information that are freely available on the Bureau's website. Any use of the Bureau's information must comply with the Bureau Copyright Notice and adhere to the conditions regarding accreditation for the use of the Bureau's material.

Do you have a glossary or list of commonly used weather and climate terms?

The Bureau of Meteorology's glossary can be found at

Weather words - a description of terms used in forecasts - can be found at
A comprehensive glossary of weather terms used by Aviation Weather Services can be found at
Water terms are defined at

Do you have information for students, teachers and researchers?

The Bureau of Meteorology is committed to supporting education and research through the provision of data and information. Find out more.