Weather stations

What is a Bureau station?
Bureau weather stations (also called sites) record a variety of weather phenomena including temperature, rainfall, humidity, pressure, sunshine, wind, cloud and visibility; although not all stations record all elements. Weather balloons are used at selected stations (most of which are airports) to measure wind in the upper atmosphere, with many of the balloon flights also recording pressure, temperature, and humidity. Read more.
What are the site requirements for your weather stations?
Siting information is available. Further information is available on the World Meteorological Organization Automatic Weather Station web portal
Do you have a list of all weather station sites?
A full list of sites is available, including both currently open and closed stations. Station lists can be sorted by element and by region.
Do you have a list of automatic weather stations?
A list of automatic weather stations is available, including both currently open and closed stations. Please note that this file is only updated periodically.
Which stations are most suitable for climate change analysis?
Climate change analysis requires datasets that not only cover a long span of time, but are also homogeneous through time. Homogenised data and information on the datasets are available at our climate change and variability portal.